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Posted: October 5, 2014 by evang4299 in Uncategorized

Soooooo it has been forever and a day since I last posted about my surgery and everything that has happened since then. I am all healed up for the most part after my last surgery. My upper lip now does not have the noticeable scarring that it has before however now my lower lip (where they took and replaced the gab in my upper lip) has a single scar where the vein was connected. It is slightly bother some but everyone keeps saying that it is a great improvement then before. I have feeling back in my upper and lower lips but not completely (which could take years for the nerves to grow back). So in that aspect everything is going well and I am happy with the outcome. I also got my braces off to add to the enjoyment of everything haha, I was extremely happy about that.

On other news I am going through the process right now to get two tooth implants in the gap that I have in my upper right jaw and a second baby tooth is being pulled and replaced with an implant in my upper jaw as well. This is a minor thing compared to everything else but yet again nothing can be easy. I have had to reschedule multiple appointments due to conflicting availabilities on both mine and the doctors end. But now I have a final set date to get my teeth implants in and then I will finally be done with everything after this whole process.

Thankfully I have had Genna through all of this. She has been extremely supportive and has kept me sane through all of it even though I think I am sure I have made her insane through all of this haha. I am happy that I went through all of this but I still think of the what ifs from time to time. Just yesterday I was remembering how everything was when I woke up after each surgery and all the things Genna and everyone did for me. I am a lucky guy is all I have to say. I hope everyone likes my new face because I know I do.

After all my surgeries

Me and Genna

Me and Genna awhile after my abbe flap surgery

teeth and lips

How my teeth and lips look to date

lips and nose

Lips and nose to date

lips and nose

lips and nose from a view below to date


Before all my surgeries

waiting in the waiting room!

waiting in the waiting room! before everything started!

Before Braces

Before Braces and Surgeries

last open mouth smile picture before braces

last open mouth smile picture before braces and surgeries

Me smiling

Me Smiling Before Surgeries

Above view

Before Surgeries Above View

Side view

Before Surgeries Side View


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