After my last surgery

Posted: March 4, 2014 by evang4299 in Uncategorized

So after this last and final surgery things have been going well. Genna has been an enormous support to me and I am happy I am finally able to kiss her now, even though I still cant feel my upper lip hahaha. My lips are still swollen but have drastically reduced compared to me right after my surgery. My bottom lip looks great and you can barely see any scars at all. My upper lip still is swollen on the sides which causes little indents where the new tissue has been attached which I am not crazy about but hopefully that will change over time. Also on my upper lip the tissue next to where the new one was put in have kinda swelled up on the sides, I am not sure if this is from swelling or whatever the case is. You can kinda see where the tissue on the upper lip was placed due to the fact that hair isnt growing there. Also on my bottom lip where everything is healing  when you apply pressure or touch the “scar” area you can feel it is hard and almost feels a little like cartilage (the best way I can describe it in words) this runs all the way up from my chin, up my lip to the inside of my mouth. It is quite annoying because not only is it hard but I still have difficulty feeling things in that area, plus small spots here and there are still healing up.

A lot of people have been asking me if I am happy with the outcome. The best answer I can say to that is that I don’t know to say the truth. I guess it is still to early to tell what the “finished product” will look like. I am happy with some areas and others I am not crazy about would be the best phrase to say (meaning the way my upper lip is looking now at this current time). I usually also add to my “am I happy with it” answer with does it really matter? haha I mean at this point what is done is done there is no going back or really “changing” anything. I have to live with it so yea haha. Also for me it was hard to see a drastic change when looking in the mirrors after my last two surgeries, this one was slightly more noticeable but still unless I look at an old picture of myself I still think that well this is the face I have now. As for myself esteem after this surgery I will say it has gotten a little boost at least I would like to think that but who knows lol.

All in all I will end this post with a few pictures to kinda compare how I was before my surgery and braces and let everyone decide from them selves. The first are pictures before any surgery.

018 019 020 021 024

These next few pictures are from after this last surgery

089 058 078 086 087 088

and here are them next to each other.

018 086

I know that she knows this but I love you Genna so unbelievably much no words can begin to describe how you have made me feel through out all of these experiences and stressful times during my surgeries. I am a really lucky guy to have you in my life through all of this 🙂 xoxox<333



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