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Posted: October 5, 2014 by evang4299 in Uncategorized

Soooooo it has been forever and a day since I last posted about my surgery and everything that has happened since then. I am all healed up for the most part after my last surgery. My upper lip now does not have the noticeable scarring that it has before however now my lower lip (where they took and replaced the gab in my upper lip) has a single scar where the vein was connected. It is slightly bother some but everyone keeps saying that it is a great improvement then before. I have feeling back in my upper and lower lips but not completely (which could take years for the nerves to grow back). So in that aspect everything is going well and I am happy with the outcome. I also got my braces off to add to the enjoyment of everything haha, I was extremely happy about that.

On other news I am going through the process right now to get two tooth implants in the gap that I have in my upper right jaw and a second baby tooth is being pulled and replaced with an implant in my upper jaw as well. This is a minor thing compared to everything else but yet again nothing can be easy. I have had to reschedule multiple appointments due to conflicting availabilities on both mine and the doctors end. But now I have a final set date to get my teeth implants in and then I will finally be done with everything after this whole process.

Thankfully I have had Genna through all of this. She has been extremely supportive and has kept me sane through all of it even though I think I am sure I have made her insane through all of this haha. I am happy that I went through all of this but I still think of the what ifs from time to time. Just yesterday I was remembering how everything was when I woke up after each surgery and all the things Genna and everyone did for me. I am a lucky guy is all I have to say. I hope everyone likes my new face because I know I do.

After all my surgeries

Me and Genna

Me and Genna awhile after my abbe flap surgery

teeth and lips

How my teeth and lips look to date

lips and nose

Lips and nose to date

lips and nose

lips and nose from a view below to date


Before all my surgeries

waiting in the waiting room!

waiting in the waiting room! before everything started!

Before Braces

Before Braces and Surgeries

last open mouth smile picture before braces

last open mouth smile picture before braces and surgeries

Me smiling

Me Smiling Before Surgeries

Above view

Before Surgeries Above View

Side view

Before Surgeries Side View


After my last surgery

Posted: March 4, 2014 by evang4299 in Uncategorized

So after this last and final surgery things have been going well. Genna has been an enormous support to me and I am happy I am finally able to kiss her now, even though I still cant feel my upper lip hahaha. My lips are still swollen but have drastically reduced compared to me right after my surgery. My bottom lip looks great and you can barely see any scars at all. My upper lip still is swollen on the sides which causes little indents where the new tissue has been attached which I am not crazy about but hopefully that will change over time. Also on my upper lip the tissue next to where the new one was put in have kinda swelled up on the sides, I am not sure if this is from swelling or whatever the case is. You can kinda see where the tissue on the upper lip was placed due to the fact that hair isnt growing there. Also on my bottom lip where everything is healing  when you apply pressure or touch the “scar” area you can feel it is hard and almost feels a little like cartilage (the best way I can describe it in words) this runs all the way up from my chin, up my lip to the inside of my mouth. It is quite annoying because not only is it hard but I still have difficulty feeling things in that area, plus small spots here and there are still healing up.

A lot of people have been asking me if I am happy with the outcome. The best answer I can say to that is that I don’t know to say the truth. I guess it is still to early to tell what the “finished product” will look like. I am happy with some areas and others I am not crazy about would be the best phrase to say (meaning the way my upper lip is looking now at this current time). I usually also add to my “am I happy with it” answer with does it really matter? haha I mean at this point what is done is done there is no going back or really “changing” anything. I have to live with it so yea haha. Also for me it was hard to see a drastic change when looking in the mirrors after my last two surgeries, this one was slightly more noticeable but still unless I look at an old picture of myself I still think that well this is the face I have now. As for myself esteem after this surgery I will say it has gotten a little boost at least I would like to think that but who knows lol.

All in all I will end this post with a few pictures to kinda compare how I was before my surgery and braces and let everyone decide from them selves. The first are pictures before any surgery.

018 019 020 021 024

These next few pictures are from after this last surgery

089 058 078 086 087 088

and here are them next to each other.

018 086

I know that she knows this but I love you Genna so unbelievably much no words can begin to describe how you have made me feel through out all of these experiences and stressful times during my surgeries. I am a really lucky guy to have you in my life through all of this 🙂 xoxox<333


The Final Surgery

Posted: January 28, 2014 by evang4299 in Uncategorized

So I know it has been a long time since I posted but on a brighter note tomorrow I will be undergoing my last surgery! I will say for this being my last surgery it was more stressful getting to this point than I thought it would be but non the less I am still happy that it is finally happening.

So a quick update for everyone, my surgeon Dr. Warren decided to go into private practice after my last surgery and no one in his old office decided to inform me of this information. So about 2 months ago I went in for an appointment on my braces as a normal check up and one of the people I usually see asks me if I have been to Dr. Warrens new office yet. The expression on my face was essentially this O.o I asked her what she was talking about and if he had moved to a different part of NYU. She then proceeds to tell me that no he moved into his own private practice and better yet he has Dr. Cuttings (the surgeon who I was suppose to have but retired)  old number because Dr. Cutting saved it for him. So clearly this had been planed out for a while but no one decided to inform me of this. Long story short I get his address and new number and proceed to call him to make an appointment to see him to make sure everything was still in order for this surgery I was having tomorrow. After heading to his office, which is 2 miles away from his old one, we had a consultation about this surgery and talk about what is going to happen. After having this appointment with him and what not I am then informed by his new secretary that I need to schedule a surgery date (but I already had one set for when he was at NYU). Apparently when he went to private practice I lost my surgery spot, but after a long and tedious time of talking to his new secretary’s I got a surgery date and spot, but guess what…. IT WAS THE SAME ONE I ALREADY PREVIOUSLY HAD! >.< So the secretary who schedules the surgeries called me after New Years to tell me I had a surgery date on the 28th, I was like Great! however that is all she told me >.<, she said that is all she knows now but that she would call me back with the time and what hospital it would be at the week after she called me. I told her that was ok since it was the holidays. I did not find out till this past Thursday the time and where it was being held. Of course this is after leaving tons of voice mails asking them to call me back and everything but finally I was able to get a hold of someone on Thursday. The woman on the phone immediately said “oh I was going to call you today”, my immediate thought of course was yea ok sure lady. She told me the girl who schedules everything is still on vacation but told me the information I needed to know anyways. Just as I am about to hang up she proceeds to tell me that I need clearance from my primary doctor….. I had asked this several times in previous phone calls and appointments because it takes forever to get an appointment with my doctor but each time they said no it was not needed. Luckily I called my doctors office and they were able to fit me in today and cleared me for everything, so I am all good on that end.

So tomorrow is the big day, I am having a procedure called an Abbe Flap procedure. They are essentially putting the fine touches on my upper lip and getting rid of the scar tissue, which will also make it look more normal. They do this by completely cutting out and removing the scar tissue in my upper lip and then cutting out the extra muscle from my bottom lip (which accumulated from holding up my upper lip my entire life) and placing it in the spot in which they removed the scar tissues in my upper lip. To ensure that the muscle does not die and heals properly in its new spot they have to leave a vein intact for a week. This means for the next week I will have my mouth closed and essentially sown shut with a vein connecting my upper and lower lip. I will be on a liquid diet, using squirt bottles through the side of my mouth, until I go back in for them to cut the vein. I think this surgery will be the biggest change visually out of all the surgery’s that I have had.

All in all it has been quite the ride with its ups and downs to ge to this point, but if i had to do it all over again I would.

A long over due update!

Posted: October 14, 2013 by evang4299 in Uncategorized

Soooooooo yes yes I know I am absolutely horrible with keeping this up to date >.> but here I am, i guess better late then never haha. Things have been going well since my nose surgery and I am happy with the way everything came out. I am now slowly getting ready for my final surgery that is to take place sometime during January! I am really excited and cant wait for this to all be done and over with! MUAHAHAAHHA!!!!!! 🙂 not sure why that laugh had to be “evil” but it seemed appropriate lol. Thus far this journey I have been on has been quite the adventure and has definitely had its ups and downs both emotionally and physically. In a way it is kinda weird to look at old pictures of me and see what I used to look like, part of me thinks that it isn’t possible that I used to look like that because in a way the changes were so small yet so big at the same time. I guess it is hard to explain what I mean without you personally going through all of this so for those of you reading this blog you will understand (AND MY GOODNESS YOU HAVE PATIENCE WAITING FOR ME TO POST AGAIN! hahah). I have definitely had a few bitter sweet moments during this whole adventure and if I was asked to do it all over again I think I would, with minor changes here and there like being more prepared for post surgery stuff haha. I have another appointment with dental in 2 weeks so I will try and remember to post right after that one. Thanks for putting up with me and my forgetfulness on posting here :P.

So it is about a week and a half after my nose surgery last Tuesday and I had my nose splint taken off this past Monday. I will say that this recovery has been a lot more smoother and not as bad as my jaw surgery. After my surgery the pain was not that bad and I did not have to take any actual pain medication till that night and parts of the next day. The biggest problem with me recovering after this surgery is that after I got home from the hospital, because I absolutely did not want to spend the night at the hospital, I got nauseous and eventually started to throw up which continued throughout the night but ended the next day. Of course when I was throwing up I was throwing up all of the blood in my stomach but also because of me throwing up I caused some pressure in my nose which caused me to bleed a little bit from there but no harm was done.

I have to say I was extremely happy that Genna was there. I told her that as soon as I got out of surgery I just wanted to hold her hand. It was all I wanted after my last surgery and it is what I wanted after this surgery too, it may seem silly but it made the world of a difference after each one. I just wanted to hold her hand and not let it go. She also came over the day after my surgery and held my hand as I basically slept but the fact that I knew she was there made me happy. I also have to say I am really proud of Genna and it made me so happy that I was able to see her before my surgery this time. She made it all the way to the hospital and upstairs and was able to see me before I went into surgery. It really did mean the world to me and I will say that right before I went into surgery I gave her a kiss and told her I loved her and handed her a note saying some sappy things like I did before my last surgery also. I wish that I could have given her a longer kiss but my parents and the nurse were right there and I did not want to embarrass Genna or make her uncomfortable haha.

My nose is still stuffy with all the dried blood from the surgery (I know it sounds oh so pleasant haha) but everything is healing up nice and good, I am still a little swollen but again the most annoying part of it all is that I am still stuffy with all the gunk and stuff in my nose. Also during the surgery they had to cut a nerve that runs up your nose so for the time being I have little to no feeling on the tip of my nose which feels really weird. That is basically all that has been going on and I will post again soon but for now here are some post op pics!

Couple of days after surgery!











Today is the day

Posted: July 16, 2013 by evang4299 in Uncategorized

So today is the big day, I am having my nose surgery today! I have to say this crept up on me a lot more then my jaw surgery and I am not as well prepared. What I mean by that is that for my jaw surgery I knew what I needed to do after my surgery and how I needed to take care of myself but for this surgery I dont know as much.
I am a little nervous about the surgery but luckily Genna is comming with me to my surgery and she is taking my mind off of being nervous by being quite nervous her self haha. I am a lucky guy to have her in my life and Genna when you read this while I am in surgery just know I am thinking about you and that I love you <3.
I wish that my friend Brittany could be here today to crack a few jokes about me but unfortunetly she moved to her dream job a few states away but I know she is thinking about me. I also wish that my grandfather was alive to see me go through all of this and be with me through it all. He was a big part of my life and was the person who taught me and always told me that I was handsome and not to care what people thought about me and that what I thought about myself was the most important. He was a big support to me when I was younger and would be picked on for the way I looked. The times and things that I have gone through have definetly influenced and made me who I am today. It taught me to have a sense of humor about myself and much more. It would just be nice to see my grandfather and hear him say how proud of me he is that I am going through all of this. I am happy that I am finally doing all of this even if I may be nervous about it.
Well I guess I will talk to all of you followers after I have myself a new nose. Thank you for your support and following me through all of the moments Genna and I have gone through. I love you Genna and thank you for everything.

Hopfully pictures to come after the surgery!

So I am officially horrible with keeping this blog up to date but I think we all knew that already haha. I had an appointment about a week ago for my braces and at the appointment they said everything was looking great. They told me to add another set of rubber bands at night to my right side to hopefully close the small gap between my back teeth. At that appointment they also attached a fake tooth to my braces with a bracket to fill the gap that I have on my left front side. It was weird at first to have that spot filled because it has always been an open gap for most of my life so it was a little odd and I had to get used to it. I still kinda am getting used to it in fact haha. Other than the new rubber bands and the new fake tooth not much has changed as far as my jaw goes. I am still enjoying my solid food and everything is healing well. I finally got my post op X-rays so those are posted below next to my pre op ones so everyone can see the difference.

As far as my nose surgery goes I have a meeting with Dr. Warren next week to talk to him about what I want done to my nose. I do not think I want anything crazy done just simply fix my deviated septum, smooth out the bump in my nose from where I “didn’t break it” during my snow boarding accident and just make my nostrils match each other because since my jaw surgery they are slightly off because of my cleft lip and palate. I don’t want to change anything anymore than I have to. I am really happy with the way my jaw surgery came out even though it was a pain in the a** to go through and I do notice a difference both physically and I guess in a way mentally. It is still a little weird I will admit, Genna tells me that I kiss differently (To much information?), which I wish wouldn’t have changed but the fact that they were moving my jaw I guess it would and also that I have to learn how to smile again because apparently the first few times I did smile it was too much? I don’t know what she meant but I am still I guess “learning things” or getting used to and this isn’t even the final outcome.

I know I shouldn’t but part of me can’t help but think how things would turn out in my life if I didn’t end up doing these surgeries. Again I don’t regret going through with everything and I am glad that I am but I am sure there will always be that part of me that wonders how things would be if I didn’t.

Now all that is left is to get ready for my nose surgery that is July 16th. Unfortunately Genna wont be there for this one (until the day after) because she is working at a camp during that week, but in reality I think it’s just because she doesn’t like the idea of surgery on my nose, the actual surgery part not that I am having it done because she hates noses haha. I really am a lucky guy to have her in my life though she puts up with all my craziness and I put up with hers, I love her.

well my next post should be in a week or so, hopefully, Genna yells at me all the time when I forget to post