The Final Surgery

Posted: January 28, 2014 by evang4299 in Uncategorized

So I know it has been a long time since I posted but on a brighter note tomorrow I will be undergoing my last surgery! I will say for this being my last surgery it was more stressful getting to this point than I thought it would be but non the less I am still happy that it is finally happening.

So a quick update for everyone, my surgeon Dr. Warren decided to go into private practice after my last surgery and no one in his old office decided to inform me of this information. So about 2 months ago I went in for an appointment on my braces as a normal check up and one of the people I usually see asks me if I have been to Dr. Warrens new office yet. The expression on my face was essentially this O.o I asked her what she was talking about and if he had moved to a different part of NYU. She then proceeds to tell me that no he moved into his own private practice and better yet he has Dr. Cuttings (the surgeon who I was suppose to have but retired)  old number because Dr. Cutting saved it for him. So clearly this had been planed out for a while but no one decided to inform me of this. Long story short I get his address and new number and proceed to call him to make an appointment to see him to make sure everything was still in order for this surgery I was having tomorrow. After heading to his office, which is 2 miles away from his old one, we had a consultation about this surgery and talk about what is going to happen. After having this appointment with him and what not I am then informed by his new secretary that I need to schedule a surgery date (but I already had one set for when he was at NYU). Apparently when he went to private practice I lost my surgery spot, but after a long and tedious time of talking to his new secretary’s I got a surgery date and spot, but guess what…. IT WAS THE SAME ONE I ALREADY PREVIOUSLY HAD! >.< So the secretary who schedules the surgeries called me after New Years to tell me I had a surgery date on the 28th, I was like Great! however that is all she told me >.<, she said that is all she knows now but that she would call me back with the time and what hospital it would be at the week after she called me. I told her that was ok since it was the holidays. I did not find out till this past Thursday the time and where it was being held. Of course this is after leaving tons of voice mails asking them to call me back and everything but finally I was able to get a hold of someone on Thursday. The woman on the phone immediately said “oh I was going to call you today”, my immediate thought of course was yea ok sure lady. She told me the girl who schedules everything is still on vacation but told me the information I needed to know anyways. Just as I am about to hang up she proceeds to tell me that I need clearance from my primary doctor….. I had asked this several times in previous phone calls and appointments because it takes forever to get an appointment with my doctor but each time they said no it was not needed. Luckily I called my doctors office and they were able to fit me in today and cleared me for everything, so I am all good on that end.

So tomorrow is the big day, I am having a procedure called an Abbe Flap procedure. They are essentially putting the fine touches on my upper lip and getting rid of the scar tissue, which will also make it look more normal. They do this by completely cutting out and removing the scar tissue in my upper lip and then cutting out the extra muscle from my bottom lip (which accumulated from holding up my upper lip my entire life) and placing it in the spot in which they removed the scar tissues in my upper lip. To ensure that the muscle does not die and heals properly in its new spot they have to leave a vein intact for a week. This means for the next week I will have my mouth closed and essentially sown shut with a vein connecting my upper and lower lip. I will be on a liquid diet, using squirt bottles through the side of my mouth, until I go back in for them to cut the vein. I think this surgery will be the biggest change visually out of all the surgery’s that I have had.

All in all it has been quite the ride with its ups and downs to ge to this point, but if i had to do it all over again I would.

  1. Loretta says:

    Hey! I also have a cleft and am basically going through the same process. Looking at getting the abbe flap so I stumbled on this. I’m currently recovering from my jaw surgery. Ha I’m not sure why I’m messaging but I got excited. Well thank you

    • gennipenni says:

      goodluck Loretta! if you ever have any questions feel free to contact us (this is evan’s girlfriend, I’ll pass your message on to him!) It’s been a long time since all of evan’s surgeries but it’s a process that is so worth it in the end (from his perspective and mine!) Please don’t hesitate if you want more info 🙂

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