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Well it has been quite an exciting couple of days. If you are still following you know that Evan FINALLY had his last surgery on Tuesday!!! Big yay!

I’m going to recap the following days and post a picture for all to see!

We got to NYU at about 11 for 12:30 surgery time but of course nothing ever goes according to plan! Evan’s surgery started officially at about 2:30 after a consultation with the surgeon where he went over the surgery. He reminded us this is the easiest of the three he has had and it should take about 2- 2 1/2 hrs and afterwards a small part of his lips will be sewn together for a week to keep the blood flowing to the relocated part of his upper lip. Of course we knew all this already but a quick overview was great to calm nerves! After they took his back (with one last kiss with his “old lips”) his parents and I waited…. and waited… and waited. At the 4 hour mark we got antsy, at the 5 hour mark we got nervous and at 5 1/2 hrs we demanded to know what was going on. His father eventually found a nurse who called down to the OR (considering it was almost 8 pm!!) and found out that everything was “ok” he just was finishing up. Dr. Warren finally came out at about 7:55 to tell us he was done. Evan had a lot more scar tissue than expected and because of that it took longer to get through. He also wanted to make it “perfect” so he redrew the lines for about an hr before he started the procedure. All acceptable reasons to take longer (and we certainly appreciate the perfection) but some communication with us would have been GREATLY appreciated!!!!

Now we all know Evan does NOT like to wake up from surgery easily, this time was no exception. He stayed in post-op recovery until 11:40 ish and while he didn’t throw up this time (yay!! It was our goal to control it BEFORE leaving the hospital this go around) he did remain super groggy the rest of that night. We were able to take him home that night!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get another day off of my rotation so I couldn’t stay the next day with him, but he did ok! No throwing up, minimal pain but still bleeding a little. That was the only concerning item of the day, besides exessive drowsiness (but that was expected!) Today being Day 2, Evan is much more awake, in less pain but his nose is stuffy and he is still dripping blood. When I got there after my day I was able to help him take a bath and he seemed to feel better. He wrote to me on his phone that this recovery is a little easier than the past two, but very annoying with lips sewn shut and the dripping. We’ve been putting medicated ointment on the stitches, which he has under his nose, two strips down to his lips and a “y” shaped area on his bottom lip and of course all inside his mouth as well as outside, but the ointment makes the blood cake on his chin and his in hair (sorry for the graphics!)

For now we are really only concerned about the bleeding and hope it starts to clot more. Tomorrow I might call over to his doctor before the weekend and just get his opinion!

Sorry for the lengthy post, but here’s a picture for the end!! I’ll update again over the weekend. Thanks for all the loving support for Evan, I know he appreciates it all.




Now that things have finally calmed down and Evan has given me permission … I will finally post pictures!!

I’ll post some alone and then the rest in a “slideshow” format, because I have  a TON. It’s funny because Evan pretty much knows the drill by now that when I ask him to send a picture or when I talk to him on Skype he sends a picture facing the camera AND one profile shot. I think you can really see the difference from the profile shots, I mean after all the point was to get his teeth touching in the correct places and correct his lack of an upper jaw. By looking from the profile you can see how far they moved his top jaw forward; you can also see how swollen he was/is.

be prepared: the  first couple of  pictures are right after surgery- nothing bloody but if you know Evan you know this isn’t how he normally looks

**note** there are captions to each picture, you either have to roll over them or if they are longer click and it will open in a full screen slideshow!

From here one Evan sent me a ton of pictures and I think the easiest way to look at them all is in a slide show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think we have done a pretty good job documenting his recovery so far!! I’ll also update the “Pictures Page” of the blog for quicker reference to the before and after pictures!

I’ll leave everyone with a few more pictures from our 3 year anniversary ❤ love you Evan! so proud of you!

Sorry for the picture overload! but it was about time!


Well I have to say, it has been quite a week. Looking back I know I can’t believe it has already been a week from Evan’s surgery date. I know it may sound silly coming from ME that it has been a long week, considering I didn’t actually have the surgery, but I know that Evan definitely feels the same!! Now that I am back at school it has been a little harder for me to keep tabs on Evan. Our usual means of communication, talking on the phone and skyping are pretty much out of the question so we have resorted to texting. Unfortunately, Evan has been super tired and it is hard to text. I am always trying to check up on him (probably almost to the point of annoyance) and for the most I think we have been doing an alright job of keeping in contact. The other day we did even get to skype for a bit!! It was wonderful just to be able to see him and see how much the swelling has gone down already- it is quite remarkable. I may have even gotten the smallest hint of a smile out of him- which of course sent me into a small happy cry fit. I’m sure all my friends can tell you that I was so excited I told everyone here at Jefferson, and of course immediately told Brittany.

He also has told me that the recovery is really taking a toll on him. While he has been able to stop taking the pain medication (HUGE YAY) his stomach has really been bothering him so all he really has been drinking is water and apple juice. Even though I think he needs to drink things with more substance, like some ensure etc those things have been making him throw up, which is painful and annoying for him (no matter how much I think it will make him feel better if it doesn’t actually make him feel better why push the subject!) In addition to the stomachaches he had another problem today. We think he is having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he was taking. This morning he broke out in big blotchy hives all over his body- legs, chest, neck and even his face. He was finally able to get in touch with his surgeon (took way more time than it should of I think) but his surgeon finally told him this evening that he could take some benadryl. The benadryl really knocked him out, which in a way was good, he needed some sleep, but it also made him dizzy. While the hives went away, he is left exhausted and worn out just when I think he was starting to feel a little (and I am using a little pretty loosely) better.

He is progressively getting better, the swelling is going down, pain is not too bad, and he is slowly drinking more liquids, but it is a long road to recovery. I think we are both coming into the reality that all the talking in the world about how the recovery from this major surgery would be could not have prepared us for what it actually was. While he doesn’t regret doing the surgery I think it is taking longer to see the positive outcomes from it than he originally thought it would. We all know he can do it, and even he knows he can do it, but the first week after surgery we knew would be the hardest and he is just getting over this hurdle. I am going to repeat my new favorite saying, “it will only get better from here on out!”

Sorry for my lengthy rambling post, but I think even I needed to vent a bit! Evan has also told me that looking at the computer for too long had been giving him a headache so I do think it will be awhile before he writes a post, hopefully when I go home this weekend I might be able to type one up for him or something because I know we all want to know what is going through his mind! His opinion and his experience is primarily what this blog is for, but I still want to keep everyone out there who reads this as updated as possible so I will do my best to keep writing!

Happy wednesday hump day everyone- hoping the next half of this week is better than the last!

I’m currently doing some last minute packing because unfortunately I have to return to school. Evan is home still doing ok, upset tummy from all the medicine and not being able to eat are taking a toll but his pain is slowly getting better. I haven’t been able to visit because I think I am getting a small cold :/ It sucks because I want to be able to take care of him but I have learned that unless I am healthy and taking care of myself I won’t be any use to him! Fortunately I have already planned to come home next weekend, especially since that’s the weekend Ev is supposed to go back to school!! Hopefully he will feel a thousand times better each day this week and going back to Rutgers will be a breeze.

Thanks again to everyone for the well wishes for Evan, I hope sometime this week he will be able to make his own post because I know even I am curious to hear his opinion on everything!!! I’ll keep everyone updated as much as I am 🙂
❤ genna