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Well it has been quite an exciting couple of days. If you are still following you know that Evan FINALLY had his last surgery on Tuesday!!! Big yay!

I’m going to recap the following days and post a picture for all to see!

We got to NYU at about 11 for 12:30 surgery time but of course nothing ever goes according to plan! Evan’s surgery started officially at about 2:30 after a consultation with the surgeon where he went over the surgery. He reminded us this is the easiest of the three he has had and it should take about 2- 2 1/2 hrs and afterwards a small part of his lips will be sewn together for a week to keep the blood flowing to the relocated part of his upper lip. Of course we knew all this already but a quick overview was great to calm nerves! After they took his back (with one last kiss with his “old lips”) his parents and I waited…. and waited… and waited. At the 4 hour mark we got antsy, at the 5 hour mark we got nervous and at 5 1/2 hrs we demanded to know what was going on. His father eventually found a nurse who called down to the OR (considering it was almost 8 pm!!) and found out that everything was “ok” he just was finishing up. Dr. Warren finally came out at about 7:55 to tell us he was done. Evan had a lot more scar tissue than expected and because of that it took longer to get through. He also wanted to make it “perfect” so he redrew the lines for about an hr before he started the procedure. All acceptable reasons to take longer (and we certainly appreciate the perfection) but some communication with us would have been GREATLY appreciated!!!!

Now we all know Evan does NOT like to wake up from surgery easily, this time was no exception. He stayed in post-op recovery until 11:40 ish and while he didn’t throw up this time (yay!! It was our goal to control it BEFORE leaving the hospital this go around) he did remain super groggy the rest of that night. We were able to take him home that night!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get another day off of my rotation so I couldn’t stay the next day with him, but he did ok! No throwing up, minimal pain but still bleeding a little. That was the only concerning item of the day, besides exessive drowsiness (but that was expected!) Today being Day 2, Evan is much more awake, in less pain but his nose is stuffy and he is still dripping blood. When I got there after my day I was able to help him take a bath and he seemed to feel better. He wrote to me on his phone that this recovery is a little easier than the past two, but very annoying with lips sewn shut and the dripping. We’ve been putting medicated ointment on the stitches, which he has under his nose, two strips down to his lips and a “y” shaped area on his bottom lip and of course all inside his mouth as well as outside, but the ointment makes the blood cake on his chin and his in hair (sorry for the graphics!)

For now we are really only concerned about the bleeding and hope it starts to clot more. Tomorrow I might call over to his doctor before the weekend and just get his opinion!

Sorry for the lengthy post, but here’s a picture for the end!! I’ll update again over the weekend. Thanks for all the loving support for Evan, I know he appreciates it all.




I’m currently doing some last minute packing because unfortunately I have to return to school. Evan is home still doing ok, upset tummy from all the medicine and not being able to eat are taking a toll but his pain is slowly getting better. I haven’t been able to visit because I think I am getting a small cold :/ It sucks because I want to be able to take care of him but I have learned that unless I am healthy and taking care of myself I won’t be any use to him! Fortunately I have already planned to come home next weekend, especially since that’s the weekend Ev is supposed to go back to school!! Hopefully he will feel a thousand times better each day this week and going back to Rutgers will be a breeze.

Thanks again to everyone for the well wishes for Evan, I hope sometime this week he will be able to make his own post because I know even I am curious to hear his opinion on everything!!! I’ll keep everyone updated as much as I am 🙂
❤ genna

Today is friday marking two days after Evan had his upper jaw surgery. I’m currently sitting with him while he takes a little snooze! His pain has been fluctuating all day, at one point in the middle of the day it actually hit zero! Right now it’s a trade off between taking the pain medicine to dull the pain or not taking it because his stomache is a little upset. He’s had some water, apple juice and we are trying to talk him into some chicken broth!! Brittany was here earlier with me and said to me, I think our Evan is still in there somewhere! I think so too, he’s swelling is starting to go down (at least from last night!) and he is answering more questions, and taking more showers- he said they help him breathe better. Also I realize I keep saying “he said” well to be honest Ev isn’t saying anything! We worked out a system, one squeeze for yes two squeezes for no and anything above 3 something is wrong (like pain or upset stomache) So far that has been working good, except you have to ask the right questions. I have learned that it’s very easy to get off track from what he actually wants to tell you! I joked with him earlier, we probably should’ve learned some sign language like we always planned- he grunted, I hope it was a “you’re funny” grunt!
Well tomorrow should be an even better day and maybe if he’s more awake I’ll ask him what pictures I can post, I’ve taken a ton but don’t want to post without his permission! Hopefully tonight is a better night for him- it can only get better from here- love ya bud <33 XOXO so proud of you trooper!