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Well it has been quite an exciting couple of days. If you are still following you know that Evan FINALLY had his last surgery on Tuesday!!! Big yay!

I’m going to recap the following days and post a picture for all to see!

We got to NYU at about 11 for 12:30 surgery time but of course nothing ever goes according to plan! Evan’s surgery started officially at about 2:30 after a consultation with the surgeon where he went over the surgery. He reminded us this is the easiest of the three he has had and it should take about 2- 2 1/2 hrs and afterwards a small part of his lips will be sewn together for a week to keep the blood flowing to the relocated part of his upper lip. Of course we knew all this already but a quick overview was great to calm nerves! After they took his back (with one last kiss with his “old lips”) his parents and I waited…. and waited… and waited. At the 4 hour mark we got antsy, at the 5 hour mark we got nervous and at 5 1/2 hrs we demanded to know what was going on. His father eventually found a nurse who called down to the OR (considering it was almost 8 pm!!) and found out that everything was “ok” he just was finishing up. Dr. Warren finally came out at about 7:55 to tell us he was done. Evan had a lot more scar tissue than expected and because of that it took longer to get through. He also wanted to make it “perfect” so he redrew the lines for about an hr before he started the procedure. All acceptable reasons to take longer (and we certainly appreciate the perfection) but some communication with us would have been GREATLY appreciated!!!!

Now we all know Evan does NOT like to wake up from surgery easily, this time was no exception. He stayed in post-op recovery until 11:40 ish and while he didn’t throw up this time (yay!! It was our goal to control it BEFORE leaving the hospital this go around) he did remain super groggy the rest of that night. We were able to take him home that night!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get another day off of my rotation so I couldn’t stay the next day with him, but he did ok! No throwing up, minimal pain but still bleeding a little. That was the only concerning item of the day, besides exessive drowsiness (but that was expected!) Today being Day 2, Evan is much more awake, in less pain but his nose is stuffy and he is still dripping blood. When I got there after my day I was able to help him take a bath and he seemed to feel better. He wrote to me on his phone that this recovery is a little easier than the past two, but very annoying with lips sewn shut and the dripping. We’ve been putting medicated ointment on the stitches, which he has under his nose, two strips down to his lips and a “y” shaped area on his bottom lip and of course all inside his mouth as well as outside, but the ointment makes the blood cake on his chin and his in hair (sorry for the graphics!)

For now we are really only concerned about the bleeding and hope it starts to clot more. Tomorrow I might call over to his doctor before the weekend and just get his opinion!

Sorry for the lengthy post, but here’s a picture for the end!! I’ll update again over the weekend. Thanks for all the loving support for Evan, I know he appreciates it all.




Just wanted to share my favorite book from this summer. This video is from the author and reminds us to “choose kind.” I loved the message and I loved reading the book. Thought it was an appropriate post from this blog in particular ;]

So it is about a week and a half after my nose surgery last Tuesday and I had my nose splint taken off this past Monday. I will say that this recovery has been a lot more smoother and not as bad as my jaw surgery. After my surgery the pain was not that bad and I did not have to take any actual pain medication till that night and parts of the next day. The biggest problem with me recovering after this surgery is that after I got home from the hospital, because I absolutely did not want to spend the night at the hospital, I got nauseous and eventually started to throw up which continued throughout the night but ended the next day. Of course when I was throwing up I was throwing up all of the blood in my stomach but also because of me throwing up I caused some pressure in my nose which caused me to bleed a little bit from there but no harm was done.

I have to say I was extremely happy that Genna was there. I told her that as soon as I got out of surgery I just wanted to hold her hand. It was all I wanted after my last surgery and it is what I wanted after this surgery too, it may seem silly but it made the world of a difference after each one. I just wanted to hold her hand and not let it go. She also came over the day after my surgery and held my hand as I basically slept but the fact that I knew she was there made me happy. I also have to say I am really proud of Genna and it made me so happy that I was able to see her before my surgery this time. She made it all the way to the hospital and upstairs and was able to see me before I went into surgery. It really did mean the world to me and I will say that right before I went into surgery I gave her a kiss and told her I loved her and handed her a note saying some sappy things like I did before my last surgery also. I wish that I could have given her a longer kiss but my parents and the nurse were right there and I did not want to embarrass Genna or make her uncomfortable haha.

My nose is still stuffy with all the dried blood from the surgery (I know it sounds oh so pleasant haha) but everything is healing up nice and good, I am still a little swollen but again the most annoying part of it all is that I am still stuffy with all the gunk and stuff in my nose. Also during the surgery they had to cut a nerve that runs up your nose so for the time being I have little to no feeling on the tip of my nose which feels really weird. That is basically all that has been going on and I will post again soon but for now here are some post op pics!

Couple of days after surgery!











Looking good an hour or two after surgery!!!! Longer post and more pictures to follow!


Welp I haven’t posted in awhile and since Evan’s next surgery is less than a week away I figured it was time! Just when we think things are finally getting back to normal and used to Ev’s new look, it will change again. Although this time is much less of an external change and more of an internal change, it will still be a change.

In the past couple of months as Evan has been adjusting to his new jaw, so have I. Apparently he has had an easier time than I have! Go figure! About a month or two ago (warning tmi!) we were kissing and I had to stop him because I thought he was kissing weird. I felt like I was kissing an entirely different person. The way he was kissing was different, our noses didn’t fit together, his lips felt different, he attacked me with his braces (they never bothered us before because his top teeth were too far back to touch any part of my mouth) and he looked different of course. Being a typical girl, I didn’t say anything at first but he could obviously tell I was upset and it took awhile to get the truth out. I didn’t want to upset him because he had worked so hard for this surgery and I didn’t want him to think I didn’t like the outcomes. Yes he looks different, but he is still my same Evan and I told him that way before he even had the surgery. My minor internal freakout slowly turned into an external cryfest! Fortunately Evan understood as I tried to explain that I was not unhappy with the surgery, just adjusting to the changes. I’m not sure why it took me almost 5 months to feel this way, but I have a feeling it is perfectly normal. My boyfriend had major surgery, changed his appearance, of course I was allowed to have a freak out! I’m actually glad it happened later in his recovery because before that I was trying so hard to make things easier for him, so maybe it was better it worked out this way. Ok enough of my rambling about past surgeries because now we must focus our energy on the upcoming one!

Luckily I was actually able to get off of camp for both the 16th and 17th so I can be there for Evan’s surgery. Maybe this time I will actually make it into the room (if you missed that post after Ev’s jaw surgery- I was so nervous beforehand I couldn’t make it into the pre-op room last time) If I don’t make it in again, at least I can be there right after he gets out (which I made it for last time!) Unfortunately our best friend Brittany (who kept me sane last time) moved to her dream job in Indiana and won’t be there this time, so I’ll be hanging with Evan’s parents!

I’m sure we will be posting more as things get closer, some more pictures of Evan pre and post op, from jaw surgery and this one!

Thanks for sticking to read this blog, I know it’s been awhile but there’s still a lot more to go! Thanks to all who have supported Evan, especially as he starts surgery number two!!

– Genna

So I am officially horrible with keeping this blog up to date but I think we all knew that already haha. I had an appointment about a week ago for my braces and at the appointment they said everything was looking great. They told me to add another set of rubber bands at night to my right side to hopefully close the small gap between my back teeth. At that appointment they also attached a fake tooth to my braces with a bracket to fill the gap that I have on my left front side. It was weird at first to have that spot filled because it has always been an open gap for most of my life so it was a little odd and I had to get used to it. I still kinda am getting used to it in fact haha. Other than the new rubber bands and the new fake tooth not much has changed as far as my jaw goes. I am still enjoying my solid food and everything is healing well. I finally got my post op X-rays so those are posted below next to my pre op ones so everyone can see the difference.

As far as my nose surgery goes I have a meeting with Dr. Warren next week to talk to him about what I want done to my nose. I do not think I want anything crazy done just simply fix my deviated septum, smooth out the bump in my nose from where I “didn’t break it” during my snow boarding accident and just make my nostrils match each other because since my jaw surgery they are slightly off because of my cleft lip and palate. I don’t want to change anything anymore than I have to. I am really happy with the way my jaw surgery came out even though it was a pain in the a** to go through and I do notice a difference both physically and I guess in a way mentally. It is still a little weird I will admit, Genna tells me that I kiss differently (To much information?), which I wish wouldn’t have changed but the fact that they were moving my jaw I guess it would and also that I have to learn how to smile again because apparently the first few times I did smile it was too much? I don’t know what she meant but I am still I guess “learning things” or getting used to and this isn’t even the final outcome.

I know I shouldn’t but part of me can’t help but think how things would turn out in my life if I didn’t end up doing these surgeries. Again I don’t regret going through with everything and I am glad that I am but I am sure there will always be that part of me that wonders how things would be if I didn’t.

Now all that is left is to get ready for my nose surgery that is July 16th. Unfortunately Genna wont be there for this one (until the day after) because she is working at a camp during that week, but in reality I think it’s just because she doesn’t like the idea of surgery on my nose, the actual surgery part not that I am having it done because she hates noses haha. I really am a lucky guy to have her in my life though she puts up with all my craziness and I put up with hers, I love her.

well my next post should be in a week or so, hopefully, Genna yells at me all the time when I forget to post


So since my last post I have started to get some more feeling back in the roof of my mouth but not a lot, it is still mostly on the right side. I still have little to no feeling in my top gums which in a way is good and bad. I still have to wear rubber bands on my teeth and they sometimes snap and hit my upper gums but since they are still numb I can’t feel what would be an extreme amount of pain :P. As far as my appointments go they have just been simple, they are still trying to get my molars to touch. Apparently I had broken off or loosened a bracket and had no idea about it until I went to my last appointment and told them I was still hitting my lower brackets with my front teeth. They simply reattached the bracket and I left with them telling me to continue wearing the rubber bands as I have been all the time except when eating.

On another note I am realizing how close my other surgeries are getting and in less than a year I will be completely done with all my surgeries hopefully. I am paying more attention to my nose and trying to think of how and what I want to change about it. It is difficult to put into words or without physically being next to someone to show or explain the ideas of what I want so for the time being I guess everyone will have to wait on that. I will say that I am starting to get excited about being so close to having everything done and that these adventures are almost over. I am not crazy about having my nose be numb and everything being bloody and swollen (I know such a lovely picture to imagine) but like everyone keeps saying after it’s all over with hopefully I will be happy with the out come.

I will try and post some pictures after my next appointment which is in 3 week but until then I am busy celebrating my great grandma’s 105th birthday, being a handsome young date for Genna to several events that she has to go to :P. I am extremely excited for the times to come and for once in my life time I am slowly starting to want to show off my smile, slowly for now at least haha 😉 after everything is done I am sure I will be even more willing to.