A long over due update!

Posted: October 14, 2013 by evang4299 in Uncategorized

Soooooooo yes yes I know I am absolutely horrible with keeping this up to date >.> but here I am, i guess better late then never haha. Things have been going well since my nose surgery and I am happy with the way everything came out. I am now slowly getting ready for my final surgery that is to take place sometime during January! I am really excited and cant wait for this to all be done and over with! MUAHAHAAHHA!!!!!! 🙂 not sure why that laugh had to be “evil” but it seemed appropriate lol. Thus far this journey I have been on has been quite the adventure and has definitely had its ups and downs both emotionally and physically. In a way it is kinda weird to look at old pictures of me and see what I used to look like, part of me thinks that it isn’t possible that I used to look like that because in a way the changes were so small yet so big at the same time. I guess it is hard to explain what I mean without you personally going through all of this so for those of you reading this blog you will understand (AND MY GOODNESS YOU HAVE PATIENCE WAITING FOR ME TO POST AGAIN! hahah). I have definitely had a few bitter sweet moments during this whole adventure and if I was asked to do it all over again I think I would, with minor changes here and there like being more prepared for post surgery stuff haha. I have another appointment with dental in 2 weeks so I will try and remember to post right after that one. Thanks for putting up with me and my forgetfulness on posting here :P.


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