Summer Surgery and Updates from Genna

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Welp I haven’t posted in awhile and since Evan’s next surgery is less than a week away I figured it was time! Just when we think things are finally getting back to normal and used to Ev’s new look, it will change again. Although this time is much less of an external change and more of an internal change, it will still be a change.

In the past couple of months as Evan has been adjusting to his new jaw, so have I. Apparently he has had an easier time than I have! Go figure! About a month or two ago (warning tmi!) we were kissing and I had to stop him because I thought he was kissing weird. I felt like I was kissing an entirely different person. The way he was kissing was different, our noses didn’t fit together, his lips felt different, he attacked me with his braces (they never bothered us before because his top teeth were too far back to touch any part of my mouth) and he looked different of course. Being a typical girl, I didn’t say anything at first but he could obviously tell I was upset and it took awhile to get the truth out. I didn’t want to upset him because he had worked so hard for this surgery and I didn’t want him to think I didn’t like the outcomes. Yes he looks different, but he is still my same Evan and I told him that way before he even had the surgery. My minor internal freakout slowly turned into an external cryfest! Fortunately Evan understood as I tried to explain that I was not unhappy with the surgery, just adjusting to the changes. I’m not sure why it took me almost 5 months to feel this way, but I have a feeling it is perfectly normal. My boyfriend had major surgery, changed his appearance, of course I was allowed to have a freak out! I’m actually glad it happened later in his recovery because before that I was trying so hard to make things easier for him, so maybe it was better it worked out this way. Ok enough of my rambling about past surgeries because now we must focus our energy on the upcoming one!

Luckily I was actually able to get off of camp for both the 16th and 17th so I can be there for Evan’s surgery. Maybe this time I will actually make it into the room (if you missed that post after Ev’s jaw surgery- I was so nervous beforehand I couldn’t make it into the pre-op room last time) If I don’t make it in again, at least I can be there right after he gets out (which I made it for last time!) Unfortunately our best friend Brittany (who kept me sane last time) moved to her dream job in Indiana and won’t be there this time, so I’ll be hanging with Evan’s parents!

I’m sure we will be posting more as things get closer, some more pictures of Evan pre and post op, from jaw surgery and this one!

Thanks for sticking to read this blog, I know it’s been awhile but there’s still a lot more to go! Thanks to all who have supported Evan, especially as he starts surgery number two!!

– Genna

  1. jasonmelendy says:

    Good luck you guys! Evan is one tough dude. These surgeries are no joke. We will be praying for the both of you

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