My Nose and Other Things

Posted: May 31, 2013 by evang4299 in braces, cleft lip and palate, Evan's Posts, facial reconstruction, jaw surgery

So I am officially horrible with keeping this blog up to date but I think we all knew that already haha. I had an appointment about a week ago for my braces and at the appointment they said everything was looking great. They told me to add another set of rubber bands at night to my right side to hopefully close the small gap between my back teeth. At that appointment they also attached a fake tooth to my braces with a bracket to fill the gap that I have on my left front side. It was weird at first to have that spot filled because it has always been an open gap for most of my life so it was a little odd and I had to get used to it. I still kinda am getting used to it in fact haha. Other than the new rubber bands and the new fake tooth not much has changed as far as my jaw goes. I am still enjoying my solid food and everything is healing well. I finally got my post op X-rays so those are posted below next to my pre op ones so everyone can see the difference.

As far as my nose surgery goes I have a meeting with Dr. Warren next week to talk to him about what I want done to my nose. I do not think I want anything crazy done just simply fix my deviated septum, smooth out the bump in my nose from where I “didn’t break it” during my snow boarding accident and just make my nostrils match each other because since my jaw surgery they are slightly off because of my cleft lip and palate. I don’t want to change anything anymore than I have to. I am really happy with the way my jaw surgery came out even though it was a pain in the a** to go through and I do notice a difference both physically and I guess in a way mentally. It is still a little weird I will admit, Genna tells me that I kiss differently (To much information?), which I wish wouldn’t have changed but the fact that they were moving my jaw I guess it would and also that I have to learn how to smile again because apparently the first few times I did smile it was too much? I don’t know what she meant but I am still I guess “learning things” or getting used to and this isn’t even the final outcome.

I know I shouldn’t but part of me can’t help but think how things would turn out in my life if I didn’t end up doing these surgeries. Again I don’t regret going through with everything and I am glad that I am but I am sure there will always be that part of me that wonders how things would be if I didn’t.

Now all that is left is to get ready for my nose surgery that is July 16th. Unfortunately Genna wont be there for this one (until the day after) because she is working at a camp during that week, but in reality I think it’s just because she doesn’t like the idea of surgery on my nose, the actual surgery part not that I am having it done because she hates noses haha. I really am a lucky guy to have her in my life though she puts up with all my craziness and I put up with hers, I love her.

well my next post should be in a week or so, hopefully, Genna yells at me all the time when I forget to post


  1. Great result! Can’t wait for this to be behind you. You’re doing great! Jenna is awesome.

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