So this will probably a short post but yesterday I was randomly running my tongue along my top gums and I actually felt it on my gums! To make sure I actually was feeling something on my gums instead of on my tongue I ran my fingers over the exact same spot and sure enough I felt it, although it was barely anything; almost a none existent feeling but it was there and I still felt it haha. It would be extremely nice to have my feeling back on my top jaw, biting into food is interesting since I can’t really tell when my teeth touch and things like that (it’s hard to explain). I am excited though that I am SLOWLY getting feeling back, Dr. Warren said it would take anywhere from 3-18 months to get feeling back or that I may not get any feeling back at all.

As for how other things are going, I still get tired but not as easily anymore which is a good thing since I am just finishing up my midterms and then on to finals at school (YAY to be able to drink soda again). I am still trying to figure out what I want to do about my nose and if I really want to change it at all besides fixing my deviated septum although in all honesty I probably wont change much. I think the biggest surgery that will make me look completely different is the Abbe Flap surgery, I personally think it will change how I look more then the jaw surgery did but Genna doesn’t think that haha, only time will tell :). Oh the adventures that are still left!

I Got A Feeling WOOOHOOO!!!


  1. Great news about the numbness!isvthat a typical timeframe for regaining feeling? Yesterday I brushed the roof of my mouth and felt a tickle in my nose. Funny side effects. What is an Abbe Flap?

    • gennipenni says:

      Evan’s surgeon said between 3-18 months to really regain feeling. Since he only had upper jaw surgery regaining feeling is different than lower jaws. Right now he has feeling everywhere except his upper gums and roof of his mouth! Not sure how long it typically takes for nerves in upper/lower jaw surgeries, just that they move around different nerves (facial nerves in particular for lower jaws) and that is why Evan had feeling in his lips and skin etc whereas if people with lower jaw surgeries may not.

      In regards to the Abbe Flap procedure. It is a type of lip reconstruction. Since Evan was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate he does not have any muscle in his upper lip. That means his bottom lip has over compensated his entire life to push up and meet his upper lip. The surgeon who started to use this technique on patients with cleft lips/palate was actually Evan’s original surgeon (before he retired) and he learned that by taking a triangle shaped piece from the bottom lip and essentially “flipping it upside down” and stitching it in the top lip (to give you the little dip in your upper lip below your nose- Cupid’s bow) you can solve the problem of a too big bottom lip and not a big enough top lip. This will also reduce his scars in his upper lip and increase function because they keep his lips together for about 10 days after surgery with an artery attached from top to bottom so his upper lip will actually grow muscle!!

      Wow sorry for that lengthy response! Haha

  2. evang4299 says:

    Genna beat me to the response haha, I have to say I am not looking forward to a liquid diet again during the 10 days of the Abby Flap >.<. Also I am not crazy about not having feeling for so long in the roof of my mouth and top gums but who would be. Although it was a big improvement from right after the surgery were everything was just sore and in pain (also barely being able to open my mouth was a big pain too). I am just hoping after my nose and Abby Flap surgeries I wont be as tired as I was after my jaw surgery (just constantly run down and wanting to sleep after the simplest of activities). I definitely think the Abby Flap will be the biggest change to my face and im very nervous about it and excited at the same time! 🙂

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