So it has been almost a week since my splint was taken out and I have been back to basically a normal diet. I have been eating almost everything in sight haha, ok not really but you get the idea. As soon as my appointment was over with, me and Genna met up with our best friend Brittany for my NYC hot dog! 🙂 and yes yes I know a hot dog really? my reasoning behind this is it was the closest food and the fastest food available. I then ended up going back to school for a class and afterwords got a pizza for myself haha. I am loving being able to chew again and have normal (BUT NOT hard, chewy, sticky or hard to bite into) food.

My jaw (upper maxilla- on the horizontal line that they cut right beneath my nose) still slightly moves up and down when I chew but both Dr. Warren and Dr. Grayson’s office said that that was normal. Also it’s slightly weird to chew and bite into things because I still have no feeling in my upper gums and the roof of my mouth so I can’t exactly feel what I am biting into all the time. Apparently it takes anywhere from three to eighteen months for my nerves to grow back or I may not get feeling back at all.

I also set up my surgery for my nose to fix my deviated/almost non-existent septum for July 16th, this surgery is slightly different from my jaw surgery because I have options on what I want to do to my nose in a more cosmetic sense. Yes they will fix my deviated septum (on the inside) but also they can shape the outside differently and change things to an extent more than they could with my jaw which was very straight forward. Although both surgeries are functional in nature, the nose surgery leaves more room for cosmetic choices and I still have no idea on what I want to change about my nose or if I want to change anything at all.

Again I am extremely happy that I can have solid food again and I am hoping that my next few surgeries will be a breeze compared to this one. I still have to take it slow when I eat but its such a relief to be able to eat normal food and all of the things I have missed doing like being able to give Genna a kiss :). I cant begin to describe how helpful she was through all of it. I will never forget her reaction and smile on her face when she saw me getting my splint taken out and saw me for the first time without it, it is one of those moments I will always remember 🙂 <3.

  1. gennipenni says:

    I’ll post some pictures that we took after you got your splint out soon! Love ya too<3 it was one hell of a moment when you got your splint out for me too. so proud of you!!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Congratulations!! It must be heaven to be able to chew some of those yummy soft foods like pizza. Your story is so inspirational, and I wish you and your lovely girlfriend the very best as you continue your recovery. It’s so wonderful to see how much you two love each other. Sigh… <3.

  3. evang4299 says:

    Thank you Adrienne! it is definitely an adventure of a life time and still a lot more to go!

  4. evablee says:

    Evan! The progress is great congratulations! Oh, you and Genna make such a cute couple! Keep it strong! (I used way too many exclamation marks there)

  5. evang4299 says:

    Thanks evablee for the support, and trust me I would have used a lot more exclamation marks if I could have hahah

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