So 7 days left until I can get this splint out, and let me just say it can’t come quicker. Last Thursday at my appointment I was sneaky and tried to ask if I would be able to get the splint taken off this week instead. Unfortunately they said they would feel more comfortable leaving it on the full eight weeks even though at 6 weeks everything is fine (the extra 2 weeks are for precaution). It has been what seems like forever for me to go through this whole process. All my post op checkups have been extremely short: consisting of me going in, opening and closing my mouth  few times, having them tell me everything looks good and they will see me again in two weeks. I have  a date with my best friend Brittany and Genna on the 7th when I get my splint out to get my first piece of food. Hopefully I will be given the ok to chew because, I will be getting a hot dog, it’s the quickest piece of food I can get that won’t cause strain on my jaw from chewing. I am so excited and can’t wait!! I am dying to have a normal diet again instead of just pasta, chili and liquids.

The foods that I miss the most are pizza and subs, I am hoping I will be able to have them after I get my splint out so I’m crossing my fingers and you should too! I just cant wait to order a whole pizza to myself and just eat it all even if it takes me the whole day. On the 7th I also have a post op appointment with Dr. Warren and to discuss my next surgery. I have a date set up for 7/16 for my nose surgery over the summer. I am just glad I will be able to have solid food after that one haha. This has been one of the most annoying experiences of my life, having to be on a liquid diet and everything for two months. The thing that crosses my mind now is if foods that I liked before will taste different or even if I like Coke or Pepsi since I haven’t had them in such a long time. Again I am extremely excited to get this splint off :). I will try to post pictures when it is taken off.

All in all I have to say I am really happy with the outcome of the surgery even though it has had its moments of just making me go crazy. I will be even happier when the splint comes out and I can have normal food again (can you tell yet how much I want my splint out?) haha. I have just two more surgeries to go and I am sure each one will be interesting. In the end I am sure I will be happy with everything (at least I am hoping) but I will finally have gone through it all and it’s what I have always wanted.

Here are some new pictures from the other weekend to hold everyone over before next week!

Feb. 15th! Genna's Winter Ball

Feb. 15th! Genna’s Winter Ball

Funny Faces at Winter Ball

Funny Faces at Winter Ball

Real Smile

Real Smile

Feb. 23rd, a week and 1/2 to go till the splint comes out!

Feb. 23rd, a week and 1/2 to go till the splint comes out!

  1. Sonja says:

    Love you!!! Can’t wait to hear you’ve had real food!!

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