Now that things have finally calmed down and Evan has given me permission … I will finally post pictures!!

I’ll post some alone and then the rest in a “slideshow” format, because I have  a TON. It’s funny because Evan pretty much knows the drill by now that when I ask him to send a picture or when I talk to him on Skype he sends a picture facing the camera AND one profile shot. I think you can really see the difference from the profile shots, I mean after all the point was to get his teeth touching in the correct places and correct his lack of an upper jaw. By looking from the profile you can see how far they moved his top jaw forward; you can also see how swollen he was/is.

be prepared: the  first couple of  pictures are right after surgery- nothing bloody but if you know Evan you know this isn’t how he normally looks

**note** there are captions to each picture, you either have to roll over them or if they are longer click and it will open in a full screen slideshow!

From here one Evan sent me a ton of pictures and I think the easiest way to look at them all is in a slide show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think we have done a pretty good job documenting his recovery so far!! I’ll also update the “Pictures Page” of the blog for quicker reference to the before and after pictures!

I’ll leave everyone with a few more pictures from our 3 year anniversary ❤ love you Evan! so proud of you!

Sorry for the picture overload! but it was about time!


  1. evablee says:

    Amazing results Evan!

  2. sonja says:

    Thanks again for doing all this! It is so great that he has you. Ok we are all lucky we have you. 🙂

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