Day 3- “pain meds as appropriate”

Posted: January 11, 2013 by gennipenni in braces, cleft lip, cleft lip and palate, facial reconstruction, Genna's Posts, jaw surgery, le fort
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Today is friday marking two days after Evan had his upper jaw surgery. I’m currently sitting with him while he takes a little snooze! His pain has been fluctuating all day, at one point in the middle of the day it actually hit zero! Right now it’s a trade off between taking the pain medicine to dull the pain or not taking it because his stomache is a little upset. He’s had some water, apple juice and we are trying to talk him into some chicken broth!! Brittany was here earlier with me and said to me, I think our Evan is still in there somewhere! I think so too, he’s swelling is starting to go down (at least from last night!) and he is answering more questions, and taking more showers- he said they help him breathe better. Also I realize I keep saying “he said” well to be honest Ev isn’t saying anything! We worked out a system, one squeeze for yes two squeezes for no and anything above 3 something is wrong (like pain or upset stomache) So far that has been working good, except you have to ask the right questions. I have learned that it’s very easy to get off track from what he actually wants to tell you! I joked with him earlier, we probably should’ve learned some sign language like we always planned- he grunted, I hope it was a “you’re funny” grunt!
Well tomorrow should be an even better day and maybe if he’s more awake I’ll ask him what pictures I can post, I’ve taken a ton but don’t want to post without his permission! Hopefully tonight is a better night for him- it can only get better from here- love ya bud <33 XOXO so proud of you trooper!

  1. sonja says:

    Can I say again – you are a blessing. Thank you!

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