So its now 5:39 am and I am already on my way to NYU in New York city. Last night as I was trying to fall asleep around 1 I started to have cravings for all of my favorite foods and wanting to drink a pepsi or snapple (the caffiene withdrawl should be fun haha). For a few moments i just thought to my self eh its ok ill just grab somthing to eat in the morning haha, NOPE cant do that and for the first time in I dont know long I am actually hungry right away after waking up instead of an hour or two aftewords.

This morning I took some last minute photos of my face. I guess you could say for “sentimental” reasons lol. I have to say as silly and as stupid as it sounds it is starting to feel more and more real that this is happening haha. Aside from thinking about how I am going to feel after the surgery, I am also thinking about my grandpa, or as I would call him Popi haha. I will try not to be to cheesey and just say that he made me really happy and is part of the reason for who I am today. He always told me and taught me to be proud of who I was and that it didnt matter what I looked like and it mattered who I was more on the inside. Yes I know its cheesey but what he taught me I have always held close to my heart and I hope that he would be proud of me today and support me on the decision to do this (and yes I am actually tearing up thinking about him).

On a different note I am SO tired after only getting less then 4 hours of sleep haha but unlike Genna and everyone else I get to sleep for about 6 hours later today while people reconstruct my jaw lmao. I am kinda getting a little nervouse now and again I just want to say and reiterate what I have said in previous posts I HATE THINGS TO DO WITH MY MOUTH, such as numbness swelling ect… Haha now that I got that out of my system its time to suck it up and bring it on!

I am kinda at a loss for words right now. I feel like I should be saying some witty comments or giving words of advice or somthing wise haha. I guess the last thing I will say to end this post is thank you to everyone and that I will hopfully post again soon, if not im sure Genna will. Crossing my fingers that all goes well today.


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