After one of the most exhausting days of my life, I can safely say Evan is out of surgery, stable and spending the night at NYU hospital. First off I want to thank everyone for their well wishes ( I know Evan would too !) and a huge thank you to all the doctors and nurses who took care of him today and are there with him now. I also want to give the biggest shout out to Brittany, without her today I certainly would have gone crazy (she would tell you that I did anyway.) Evan’s parents and sisters also deserve a thank you as they sat, trying to keep me calm and as his sister Christine said, we loved him for 23 years the way he was and now we will love him for the rest of his life the way he wants to be!

So here is a rundown of the day:

Evan and his parents drove to NYU, Brittany and I drove separately (good thing since we ended up making  multiple stops for my nerves) Evan got taken back about 8:30 am meaning he had to be there at 7! We all sat patiently in the waiting room until about 10:45 when Dr. Warren his surgeon came out for an update. Everything was going according to plan! It sounded great! He said he would be done about 12:30 ISH ( way earlier than we thought) As the time ticked by Brittany and I looked at each other and said, about how long is “ISH” because it’s now about 1:30? Finally Dr. Warren came out again with an update- he finished moving Evan’s top jaw forward about 6 millimeters (seems so small right?? huge difference) and wanted to know if I (or his parents) had ever discussed with him about moving his bottom jaw forward about 3 millimeters to match because men have a naturally more prominent lower jaw/chin. I was caught totally off guard, Evan and I never discussed that besides the occasional comment that he loved his chin. We eventually said that we didn’t feel comfortable making that type of decision for Evan (hope that works out hah!) but that we trusted Dr. Warrens’ judgement. He thought that since he was on the fence he wouldn’t do it, it would also mean a longer surgery and recovery. He said Evan would then wake up about 15 min later. Well…. at about 2:30 Dr. Warren came out AGAIN- he was really unsure about not moving his bottom jaw. Luckily after he left the first time, the brain trust (me, Brittany, Christine and Ev’s parents) thought of a solution. If he didn’t like his chin when he woke up this time, either during the nose or lip surgeries (in 6 months and 1 year respectively) he can change it then! Phew crisis adverted!!  We then finally received Dr. Warren’s promise that he would be done in 15 more minutes. Evan had other plans. Apparently someone doesn’t like to wake up from the best sleep he has ever had. It took him forever to get from the OR to post-op because he wouldn’t cooperate  by waking up! Eventually we were called back to see him, his mom and I went first. He was lying in bed, lots of tubes, oxygen and wouldn’t open his eyes. It hurt me to see him so uncomfortable and in pain but I couldn’t help but look at him and see the difference in his facial structure. Given that he was very swollen it was hard to tell, but he looked great. Everyone else came back, we shared some tears at the fact that it went well and it finally happened. I’m going to spare you the details of the rest of post-op and save it for a day when I can ask him first what I can share (INCLUDING PICTURES!) and when I am not so mentally exhausted from the stress of today. He pulled through great even though he is stubborn and won’t open his eyes unless you get real close, tell him to remember to breathe and ask him to, he was eventually  admitted to his hospital room and nodded when we asked if he wanted to sleep and for us to go home. Tomorrow will be a better day, it can’t get worse from here, only better! He should be returning home tomorrow, I’ll even give him his phone back so he can be in contact with the world again- that is if he decides to open his eyes!

Thanks again for all your thoughts. I know he appreciates it even if he can’t answer just yet, but he knows a lot of people are thinking about him. I’ll try and keep everyone updated, especially if he comes home tomorrow- it’ll be too early for visitors but I’m sure he would love a message or two.

Love you Evan so much and we are all SO proud of what you did today. You deserve the best smile ever ❤



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