The Night Before The Big Day

Posted: January 8, 2013 by evang4299 in Evan's Posts, facial reconstruction, jaw surgery, le fort, Uncategorized
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So as I sat cuddling with Genna today trying to get in as many sappy moments as possible before tomorrow, I thought to myself how I am an extremely lucky guy to have her in my life. So it is my last night before surgery and I am sitting here with part of me thinking tomorrow will be just a regular Wednesday and I will just wake up and see Genna and my friend Brittany tomorrow. Then I realize the thing is I will be seeing them except at 7 in the morning at NYU hospital before I go into surgery. It’s a funny thing, I never thought I would ever be at this point but now it’s actually happening. In all honesty I am not really nervous or scared, I think my mother and Genna are more of that then I am haha but I would probably be the same way if it was one of them in my position.

I went out to dinner tonight with Genna, Brittany and my mom and dad to a hibachi restaurant for my last meal of solid food. It was good haha but now it’s past midnight and I have to wake up in less then 5 hours. I can’t have anything to eat or drink and I have to rinse my mouth out with this special medicine that basically kills all the bacteria in my mouth before I go to sleep and then again in the morning. Let me say it is horrible and is very bitter haha. I already have my bag packed for the hospital, got clothing, my IPhone and charger so I am all set in case they make me spend the night at the hospital (which they probably will).

At night I got calls and texts from all of my family and friends wishing me luck, I think my dad will have to have all the luck instead because he will be sitting in the waiting room with my mom, Brittany, Genna and my sister Christine haha but all jokes aside I am grateful for the calls and texts. I already have a ton of movies and TV shows that I can watch while recovering at home and the lucky guy that I am I will have Genna and Brittany taking care of me for the first few days. I am sure Genna will post some pictures that we took the week before hand and pictures of me after the surgery haha. As Genna would say “let the black mail begin!”

I will try to post one more time before the surgery tomorrow from my phone but if I don’t get the chance I will see you all on the flip side with my new jaw haha :).

For those of you who do follow this blog and read my posts, Thank you for being with me and Genna through all the ups and downs. ITS FINALLY HAPPENING 😀


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