Well its getting closer to my surgery date and today i have to go in to get my splint checked out again. Hopefully this time my splint will fit this time so this isn’t a last minute rush to get this to work >.< lol.

So as I sit here remembering all of the moments that happend throughout this whole experience I cant help but think of a few, the time I got my braces on and found out both Dr. Cutting and Dr. Grayson were retiring and all of the other situations in which there was a major problem. Or about all of the late night talks with Genna about what I was stressed about or me trying to make the decision on if this is somthing I want to go through with (I am supprised I havent driven her insane by now, although I am sure she will get her payback with the whole me being on a liquid diet thing lol), Genna and I talking to Brittany about everything and updating her everytime somthing new happened, and the talks I have had with my family about this.

So I think I will end this post here for now. I am sure I will post a few more times before my surgery and maybe even post one more time right before I go into the O.R. from my phone.

As cheesey as this may be I just want to thank Genna, my family and my friend Brittany for everything they have done till now to help me with this, I guess you can say "adventure" haha.

2 days left, exactly 46 hours, 54 minutes and 32 seconds till my surgery… Im not keeping track of the time left at all šŸ˜›

  1. Christine James says:

    Evan–you continue to amaze me with your strength and courage!!!! I can not wait to see the “New” smile ā¤ ā¤ ā¤

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