We can officially count the amount of days Evan has until surgery on one hand. Thinking back to almost a year and a half ago when all of this started, I don’t think I could have imagined sitting here today. He has had so many bumps in the road from insurance to Dr’s retiring that I think we both thought it would just never happen. Welp here we are 4 days away from surgery day. All the blenders have been bought, almost all the pre-op appointments are over, now we just get to sit back and wait. His surgery is scheduled for January 9th at 8:30 am at NYU hospital. His family, our friend Brittany and I will all be there for him (well maybe Brittany is there just to keep me sane!) As much as we have been making jokes and everyone is so happy everything is FINALLY going according to plan, I think everyone’s nerves are starting to kick in (I’m sure Evan will talk more about that) but in the mean time, Evan, Brittany and I had a great New Years Eve celebration in Philadelphia, followed by a fun filled New Years day with my friends from college, but soon after that came the major pre-op appointment in which they explained everything in detail.

I’m sure Evan will explain everything from his perspective, but a quick run down of what happened was

– got into the city at 12:30 for a 1:30 appointment

-waited till 2 to actually be seen- only Evan was allowed in even though his “entourage” of his parents and I were all anxiously waiting

-Evan’s splint didn’t fit (this will hold his teeth and jaw in place for the next 8 weeks after surgery so it’s important for it to sit exactly right on his teeth!)

-five thousand hours passed (ok more like 2) while they took impressions and we all sat in the waiting room

-4pm- impressions were done- hopefully the splint will fit on Monday when he goes back in to make sure, and we were all finally allowed into the room to talk with his wonderful nurse!

-we all went over what to expect before, during and after surgery: 4-5 days of an ALL CLEAR liquid diet, 2-3 weeks of a “FULL” liquid diet, 4-8 weeks of an “UPGRADED” liquid/soft food diet. Of course all the actual times and dates for upgrading the types of food are determined by the doctors so these are all just estimates, but it is good to know what to expect!

– we left NYU with a great packet of info including recipes, pre-op instructions, and a list of things to buy!

My favorite part of all the instructions was what to bring to the hospital: “your pillow, a favorite stuffed animal and don’t forget your walkman” YUP. definitely won’t be forgetting his walkman, fully loaded with NOW!, Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC lol

on that note, I’ll let Evan update you on the rest ,but I’ll leave you with some pictures from the New Year (we have been taking a lot of pictures before his smile will change!) while I’m going to go find all my CD’s to pack for the hospital!

❤ genna

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quick last note! I wanted to take some time to thank all the blogs that Evan and I have been reading, they are truly a wealth of information : thepostgradgrinjawsurgery , ashleysjawsurgery , doublejawsurgeryveteran , and chinderella


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