The Count Down To A New Year And A New Face

Posted: December 31, 2012 by evang4299 in Uncategorized

So it is official, I am absolutely horrible with keeping this up to date. A quick overview of what has been happening is that I am officially 9 days away from my surgery date (January 9th). There was kind of a scare for a little bit after the hurricane Sandy hit NJ and NY because NYU (the place I am having my surgery) was shut down for sometime due to damages and such, So they were trying to find another hospital in which they could do the surgery but luckily NYU is back up and running from what I hear.

I have one of my last and major appointments before my surgery on January 3rd. In this appointment they are suppose to tell me all the details and go into things more hopefully, like my liquid diet, ohhhh yummm… and a special thank you to my girlfriend Genna and my sister Christine for getting me a blenders for Christmas, I am sure they will be used a lot >.< haha. I am suppose to bring the person who will basically be taking care of me after the surgery to this appointment so Genna and my parents are coming. I will just say now I cant wait to be a pain in the a** after surgery although I will probably just be sleeping most of the time haha.

So surgery is getting close and in all honesty I am getting nervous. On one note I have been sick with a cold or something because it was the holiday times and my family just wanted to share it haha 🙂 but this have been a problem because I wouldn’t be able to have my surgery if I am sick but luckily as soon as I realized I was getting sick I went to the doctors the next day and was put on antibiotics right away. So from now until my surgery I am basically going to be in my own little bubble and keep away from sick people. No offense to them but this surgery is just something I can not put off due to a small cold.

On another note like i said yes i am getting nervous. I cant help but think about all of the what ifs, YES YES I know everything will be fine but in all honesty put yourself in my position, wouldn’t you be a little nervous and have things cross your mind? I just keep thinking about the stress and anticipation (I guess are the right words) right before the surgery and just having that OH SHIT this is happening moment, yes I know this is happening but I think that when you are on that gurney heading into the surgical room is the actual moment. Also I am kinda worried about the whole after surgery part also and also the small possibility something will go wrong during surgery. As for after the surgery I keep thinking about will I like the way everything turns out, will I do something stupid a few days later and knock one of the bolts they put in loose or (something that I know for sure) will I be absolutely miserable not being able to talk and eat solid foods. On a side note Genna found me an IPhone app that says what I type out in different accents (such as British, French, American and such)

So these days before the surgery I have been completing kinda like a To Do List or Bucket List (except I wont be dying hopefully ahaha) before my surgery. So far it has basically just consisted of eating food at some of the restaurants I like. an example: next on the list would be eating at Jose Tejas so I can get my fix of steak fajitas before the surgery haha. Other then basically eating (which after the surgery I am sure I will be losing a lot of weight) I have just wanted to spend time with Genna, I am not the best of thinking of things to do but I am sure after the surgery I will come up with tons of things I should have done haha.

So that is what has been going on lately. LET THE COUNT DOWN BEGIN! (is it to late to back out yet? just kidding :P)

9 more days!


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