So as I sit here clearly procrastinating studying for my 1st round of grad school finals (only anatomy and kinesiology lecture and lab left to go!) I find myself studying the jaw. How ironic. The muscles of mastication (that’s chewing!), the dysfunctions of TMJ (Evan has that!), bilateral articular disc popping (he has that too!), and how occupational therapists can help during these dysfunctions along with corrective jaw surgery (well what a coincidence!) I am trying so hard to actually study versus look up YouTube videos, read surgery blogs and compare prices for a blender, but the fact that I am required to study these things must be sign that I should be concentrating on the surgery right? Evan’s surgery is less than a month away… we hope. We have Hurricane Sandy to thank for a small change in plans… surgery may or may not be January 9th and may or may not actually take place at NYU. Evan’s new doctor doesn’t seem terribly worried, so maybe we shouldn’t be either, but who wouldn’t be with an unstable surgery date in LESS A MONTH. The next few weeks will be filled with both of us finishing our semesters, fun family filled holidays, a friend fill New Years, lots of picture-taking, can’t forget the kissing (TMI?) along with anxiety, nervousness, worried looks, a flurry of appointments and well wishes. Such a mix of emotions around such a wonderful time of the year. But in less than a month I will proudly be able to say that my boyfriend went through a hell of a lot the past year and took it like a trooper. I can’t wait to blend his food, and send him back to school next semester with a shiny new jaw.

Wishing everyone out there happy holidays no matter what you celebrate ❤

sincerely one very proud girlfriend XO


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