A Date Is Set

Posted: June 8, 2012 by evang4299 in braces, Evan's Posts, facial reconstruction, jaw surgery, le fort

So a lot has happened since my last post and I admit I am slacking on keeping this blog up to date with everything but like I said a lot has happened. My last appointment I had was just a wire change, they basically just switched out the wires I had on my braces to bigger ones so that my teeth would move faster (this is what they will do almost every month). I also ended going up with the New York Rangers colors for my brackets (red and blue) which Genna was excited about when the doctor suggested it but unfortunately that didn’t seem to help the team get to the final round in the Stanley cup playoffs. Other then that the appointment was basically quick , probably no longer then 10 minutes. I had a few questions answered by this new doctor who’s name I still cant remember. I asked if they were moving my one tooth that had gaps on each side of it (the one where the were trying to decide what bracket to put on it last appointment) and he told me no because they want to keep room for implants in the future, which was exactly the answer that I was looking for. One of the funny things that happened at my appointment was when Genna asked my new doctor why I didn’t have a new version of braces that were supposedly better then the ones I have on now and work quicker, his reaction was funny because he wasn’t ready for someone to be that knowledgeable (its one of the many reasons Genna comes to my appointments because her family is good with teeth hahaha) and know things like that.

On another note as the title of this post says, a date for my surgery has now been set. Get ready!!! my appointment for my surgery is (drum roll please)……… December 31st!!! Talk about starting off a new year, I will be starting it off with a new face hahahah. After phone calls and emails ever since I had my braces put on and the worry about Dr. Cutting retiring a date has finally been set. Although the stress and worry is never over because now I am trying to set up an appointment with Dr. cutting that my parents and Genna can go to to discuss who will do my other surgeries that I will need after I have the first one (the surgeries of fixing my upper lip and my deviated septum in my nose so I can finally breath normally through it haha). I have to say I am happy about a date finally being set in stone for my surgery but as far as the date that it is set is a little upsetting but I shouldn’t really complain haha. The date is right during my winter vacation which I knew would probably happen since Dr. Cutting is retiring at the end of the year. I am not crazy about spending new years eve in the hospital and not being able to celebrate it with everyone but again at least a date is set. To be honest what I am worried about the most is how I will be feeling after the surgery, which I am sure wont be that great. The reason I am worried about this is because it isn’t that long after the surgery that the next semester of college starts and I don’t exactly want to miss/take off a semester because of this surgery. I am not going to cancel the surgery date but I REALLY REALLY don’t want to take off a semester at Rutgers, so what I am going to try to do is just maybe take a light class load that semester.

I have to say ever since the date for my surgery was set I have watched the YouTube video of the animated version of it (the one posted on this blog). It is kinda of freaky just how much bone they are going to be moving. It just makes me happy to know that Genna and my family will be there for me. I am a really lucky guy to have such an amazing girl friend who has gone with me to all of my appointments and wants to be involved in everything, I just hope that they will allow her to come see me after the surgery is done with. I would like to be able to spend new years eve with her and even though I may not be conscious for it because I am sure I will be on a lot of pain killers but I would still like to be able to be holding her hand at midnight when the ball drops (yea I know I am sappy) since I probably wont be able to kiss her for a while after that (even though I may try or want to but I am sure she will yell at me for it since it will probably hurt a lot hahaha). It puts my mind at ease that she is there for me to talk to and vent about the things that bother me and it is nice knowing she is there with me at my appointments. I know I sometimes talk about my braces and surgery like it is some big major thing to do and I know it really isn’t but at the same time it is for me. I don’t expect everyone to understand my thought process and why certain things may bother me more then they should. Luckily Genna understands that and always seems to put me at ease, it is one of the many reasons I love her.

I will end this post with me saying that I am crossing my fingers and hoping there wont be that many more bumps along the way and thank you to my sisters , Brittany (mine and Genna’s friend) and Genna, they are always there to listen to me and always make me feel better when I am stressed.

  1. Uncle Robert says:

    Don’t trivialize this. Your Braces and upcoming surgery are major events. You have every right to worry. But up to now your handling it very well. Kudos to you!

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