Just when I thought everything was set…

Posted: April 6, 2012 by evang4299 in Uncategorized

So on Tuesday a lot of things happened, I’ll start off by talking about my braces and move on from there. I had my braces put on Tuesday morning and to be honest they don’t bother me that much and I think that has to do with the fact that I have had them before. The appointment lasted about two hours and unfortunately like Genna said in her post she wasn’t able to sit in with me on it. They asked her to wait in the waiting room because there simply wasn’t enough room for her, the doctor who put on my braces (which was only the second time I saw this man, the first was in my last appointment were he stuck his head into the room I was in for maybe a second or two) and the new assistant who I had just met at my last visit for my spacers. I think Genna could have fit in the room but they kind of pushed her out of the room in my opinion. Anyways they had to put surgical brackets on which are basically brackets that go around my molars (hence the spacers to create room for the brackets to fit) and they have a small metal ball on the inside of the bracket. So where the braces don’t bother me as much these brackets do because there are four metal pieces on the inside of my molars that are constantly hitting my tongue and it is quite annoying, so that is something I will have to get used to.

So something that was a little disconcerting was that as they were getting ready to put on my braces this new doctor who I haven’t even really met yet was looking at the model of my teeth and then looked at me and asked me if I knew what way they wanted to move my upper right canine tooth… (you can see which tooth I am talking about in pictures and if you can’t basically I had two teeth pulled on each side of my upper right canine tooth when I was younger so there are gaps on each side of it). So I looked at him and was kind of shocked because as he said this to me I thought in my mind “ummmmm shouldn’t you know something like this before you start to put on my braces and not rely on me? and isn’t this something you should have been informed of in a meeting that you had about me getting braces”, so yea it was a little disconcerting to hear the doctor who was about to put on my braces ask me which way a tooth was suppose to move. So since I didn’t know which way my tooth was suppose to move and neither did he or the new assistant he started to apply the other brackets and waited for Dr. Grayson’s assistant (who was at the first meeting we had where they projected what I would look like and such). When Dr. Grayson’s assistant arrived even he didn’t know which way the tooth was suppose to move and had to take a minute or two to look at the model of my teeth, they eventually made a decision right then and there, which I still don’t know which way they plan on moving the tooth because they said to put a number 2 or 3 bracket on it (whatever that means). The rest of the appointment wasn’t that bad except for the end were they had the new assistant put on the wires and use a tool that she had never used before (oh yea that was comforting again >.< ). The tool was called the hammer head tool, or something close to that, I wasn’t paying attention at this point because I was more worried about this woman stabbing my cheek with the wire but basically the tool is suppose to bend the wire in the back of my mouth so that it isn’t pointy and stabs my cheek (like I was worried about). So one of the assistants who I knew came in and taught this new woman how to use this tool. After I realized what it did, I asked them to cut the wire so that there wasn’t any leftover in the back because it just felt extremely uncomfortable to me.

After all of this Genna was finally able to come back into the room and they gave me the whole run down of what I can and can’t eat. As a kid I really didn’t pay attention or care about the rules and everything when it came to taking care of my braces since I didn’t have a choice about wearing them, but now since I am doing this by choice I can say that I plan on and am going to follow all of the rules. Also the braces I have are the ones with bands so I was able to chose a color I wanted them to be. I ended up choosing purple because it was the color Genna and her friends jokingly said to get, so I got purple anyways for laughs (Genna thought it was was funny I ended up going with purple), plus since my niece may be getting braces also I figured she would also like it.

Now I’m going to stop the story here for a second and back track a bit to some other events that happened. When me and Genna first arrived and were waiting in the room to have my braces put on we were talking to the assistants that we like. As we were talking to them one of them mentioned (to be honest I don’t remember which one) that Dr. Cutting, the doctor who was the main reason for me getting everything done at NYU in the first place, was retiring soon or by the end of the year…. Yea at this point Genna and I looked at each other with our jaws dropped and a shocked look on our faces. Next thing I know Genna was asked to leave the room and the assistants hands were in my mouth working on my teeth getting me ready for my braces before we could barely get a word out. I wasn’t able to get a word in for the next two hours, they were constantly distracting me with questions about me and my teeth and if I had signed consent forms a such and since I wasn’t sure they had me sign them over again. Finally about half way through the appointment where the doctor was asking me about my upper right canine, I had the chance to ask him about Dr. Cutting. His response was “yea that is the rumor that is going around”… and then it was back to me with my mouth open not being able to talk. So lets fast forward a little bit to where my appointment is done with and Genna and I are walking to the receptionist desk to pay and make my next appointment. Genna looks at me and tells me that she over heard the receptionist tell people on the phone that Dr. Grayson is also retiring… Oh yea at this point I am so blown back and shocked by everything I don’t know what to make of all of it and was extremely confused. So Genna and I walk up to the receptionist desk and pay my 3,500$ for the initial payment of my braces, as we are paying we ask the receptionist whether or not Dr. cutting and Dr. Grayson were retiring or if it was in fact rumors. She told us that they are in fact retiring and that not to worry they have people who will replace them and apparently the doctor who I had basically just met and who had just put on my braces was Dr. Graysons replacement or at least that is what I think, I was very confused and baffled at the time. At this point I was extremely frustrated and pissed off because this was something that Genna and myself had to find out by our self’s and from over hearing conversations and again Dr. Cutting was the main reason I was having everything done here. The mere fact that the subject of Dr. Cutting and Dr. Grayson retiring wasn’t brought up directly and was in a way kinda vaguely mentioned to us is what really pissed me off the most I think. You would think that that would be something you would inform or mention to someone right away as soon as you found out or BEFORE they had their braces put on!!! SO in a way they basically just trapped me, blindsided me and suckered me into everything with the possibility of Dr. cutting not being the one who does my surgery. Honestly I don’t really care who does my braces, I don’t find it as important as the person who is going to be doing my surgery.

Also I forgot to mention/ should mention that before they started to put my braces on I did get to ask the chance as to ask this new doctor (who’s name I can’t remember at all) when they thought I would be ready for my surgery. He told me that best case scenario I would be ready by December, worst case would be next summer… yea that didn’t put me in the best mood either. So at this point in time what I was thinking and what Genna was also thinking is that they just wanted this initial payment from me and they couldn’t have cared less if I had stayed with them or not after finding out this information. Let me just say that I was extremely happy Genna was there with me because she was extremely supportive and I don’t know what I would have done with out her there to talk to after the appointment was over with.

When I got home I told my parents about everything that had happened and they weren’t happy at all. They now are planing to come in with me to my next appointment and the appointment I am planing to make with Dr. Cutting to discuss the matter at hand. I am also now planing to make an appointment with another surgeon that Genna’s father suggested to get a second opinion on everything. I though everything would finally fall into place and in a way kind of be on auto pilot till my surgery but this just really sucks now. I mean I am sure that the people who are going to replace Dr. Cutting and Dr. Grayson are completely qualified and are replacing them for a reason but still it makes me very uneasy and the way everything was handled makes me not really trust the people at NYU anymore.

I know I have said a lot in this post and I am sorry if it is a bit hard to follow. I don’t really know how to end this so I will just end it with me trying to stay positive by saying that everything will work out, it just may take some extra time.


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