Sitting in the waiting room

Posted: April 3, 2012 by gennipenni in braces, Genna's Posts

As I post this evan is getting his braces on! I’m stuck sitting in the waiting room- a place I’ve almost never been stuck before. Usually I get to go into the appointments but today it is about two hours long and there was no room for me in the room. I really wanted to take some pictures before hand and I did get a couple but it all went so fast! I’m sad I don’t get to watch and make tons of comments, I think it is all pretty fascinating (must run in my family since my dad is a dentist and uncle an ortho.) Hopefully time passes pretty quickly and before I know it Evan will emerge from the room with sparkly new braces!!

Don’t worry pictures will follow but for now here is one before picture!!!! (in about two hours or so we will post an after!- time to get some homework done in the mean time)



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