A Bittersweet day

Posted: April 2, 2012 by evang4299 in braces, Evan's Posts, jaw surgery

So let me fill everyone in on the last few days that I have had my spacers in. For those of you who have read my last post you know how I was complaining about how my teeth were sore and hurt, that’s not so much the case at the moment. As of now my teeth are only semi
sore or hurt when I eat, before they hurt the whole time. Also last friday, the day after I had my spacers put in and the day of my last post, at night one of my spacers from the top right came out >;;.<;;. Yea I wasn't a happy camper and was kinda pissed at my self sense it was only the second day I had them in, and it wasn't like I was doing anything extreme to have it pop out, I was eating pizza… Yes pizza, its not like I was chewing gum or eating some type of sticky or hard food that would cause it to fall out, but apparently pizza is on the do not eat list when you have braces (I dont know why but you can tell how much I payed attention when I did have braces as a kid). But yes since my teeth were sore that night and still hurt I was eating very carfully and after almost every bite that I took I would run my tongue over my molars to check if the spacers were still there. I did this for two reasons, one being I still wasn't used to having the spacers in and two because I was scared that one of them would fall out because well it just felt that way since a few of the spacers had part of them sticking above my molars so when I would bite down at times I would sometimes actually bite down on a spacer. So about half way through my last slice of pizza i noticed my top right spacer was sticking out the side of my molar slightly and I couldn't remember if it was like that before but I thought it was because again I wasnt used to them being in to begin with so everything kinda felt odd and out of place haha. So after im done eating i began run my tongue around my molars and noticed a spacer missing, yea thats right, on my last bite of pizza I had swallowed a spacer… Genna's response to this when I told her was and I quote "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hahahahahahahahaha" which made me laugh because it was actually kinda gross that I had just swallowed one of my spacers. I was still kinda upset that I had already lost a spacer only after a day of having them even though to be honest since the moment they were put in, in the back of my mind I wanted to reach in and pull them out beacuse they made my teeth hurt and it just felt so uncomfortable. To give you an idea of what it felt like for those of you who dont know, it feels like a giant piece of food is stuck in between your teeth, and im not talking about a small little peice, no im talking about a peice that you pull out and look at it thinking to your self "so that is were the other half of my sandwich went" or "oh I must have been saving this as a snack for later"… Ok maybe i am exagerating a little bit because I absolutly hate it when something is wrong/uncomfortable with my mouth to begin with (like I mentioned in on of my first posts) but that is what it feels like atleast to me, so imagine having 8 of those inbetween each of your molars, so of course I was constantly thinking how all I wanted to do was reach in and pull them out or get a tooth pick or a construction crane or somthing to get them out of my mouth, but I didn't. I got off track a bit but I thought I should just fill everyone in on how it felt 24/7 and what was going though my mind haha. So anyways even though I was constantly wanting to pull my spacers out, the moment I lost one I was acutally upset. Luckly Genna's family specializes in teeth haha :], and she immediately texted her uncle who is an orthodontist. Now when I had my spacers put in last thursday they had told me that if one of them were to come out to call them and they would tell me what to do, with my luck I couldn't exactly do that since it happened on a friday night when their office was already closed and they are closed on saturdays but like I said Genna had texted her uncle to see what I should do and if it would be ok if a spacer just wasn't in that spot. Her uncle said that even though my appointment was on tuesday (only 4 days away at the time) it was too long to not have a spacer in, next thing i know I have an appointment with her uncle the next morning on saturday at 9am. I couldnt be more thankful to my amazing girlfriend Genna and her uncle. So I was lucky enough to have my spacer put back in, again extremely thankful, but sincr yesterday the same exact spacer has been sticking out to the side again so I have been extremely careful and have been chewing on the other side.

As for today and tomorrow like the title of this post says, it is going to be a bittersweet day. Genna is making me ribs and a few other suprise foods that I wont be able to have once my braces are on. I know as a kid when i first had my braces put on i didn't really pay attention to the rules of having them, such as no hard foods, candy (even though I didn't have much of that to begin with since im not a candy type of guy), and all the other little odds and ends I was supposed to do and rules to follow. So tomorrow expect a post from me and possibly genna, with lots of before and after pictures. All I have to say for now is, let the fun begin :]

  1. Uncle Robert says:

    Excellent writing. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry for you. Good luck with the braces.

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