Posted: March 30, 2012 by evang4299 in braces, Evan's Posts, jaw surgery

So yesterday I went into the city to have my spacers put in and I have to say it wasn’t that bad at the time. Before I went to my appointment I stopped and had lunch with my friend Brittany who is also Genna’s best friend, I have to admit it wasn’t the smartest idea getting lunch before I had an appointment involving my teeth hahah. The women who work there are extremely friendly and always joke around . Well when I went yesterday the women who worked there asked me where Genna was because she has come with me to all of my appointments so far except for this one since it was just an in and out type of appointment. They were actually kinda sad she wasn’t there with me which kind of made me laugh and feel some what good because they remembered myself and Genna even though it has been months since I was last there, but they made it feel like I was just there last week. I told them she wasn’t able to make it but not to worry that she would be with me on Tuesday for when I actually got my braces.

so even though it is only the second day of me having spacers, which are basically small rubber circles that they place between your teeth, my teeth are already extremely sore and hurt. I have eight spacers in at the moment, two on each side of my mouth top and bottom between my molars. I know I said it wasn’t that bad at the time when I went in for my appointment but by the time I got home from the city my teeth were already starting to become sore. I really forgot how it felt to have your teeth moved and how sore they will be when they finally put my braces on or when I go in for them to tighten them up or change the wires. I am still very excited for everything to start and for me to get my braces on (kinda ahah) but I have to be honest I am having flash backs to when I used to have my braces. The horrible taste when you first get them on, the sore teeth after they are tightened, how they would cut my lip every so often. Oh well I will live :), hopefully this Tuesday I will have an idea of when I will be able to have my surgery.

  1. RamazingRain says:

    good luck on it and keep posting. Love to read blogs bout braces 🙂 I had mine for 6 months already. During my first time having it, it wasn’t really painful, more over a discomfort but every month tightened then there’s come the pain especially when I use rubber bands. I also hate the fact that it cuts my toungue off so I have to use ortho wax regularly.


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