Posted: March 26, 2012 by evang4299 in braces, cleft lip and palate, Evan's Posts, jaw surgery

So after all this time of waiting, phone calls and numerous emails between NYU and the insurance company I was finally approved this last Thursday for my braces. I now have an appointment this coming Thursday to have spacers put in and then on April 3rd I will be getting braces and everything will start. Finally after all of this waiting things are starting to fall into place. I have to say I am extremely excited for everything to start but at the same time a feeling of unease in a way because now that we have waited so long for approval most likely the chance of me having the surgery over the summer isn’t possible anymore, which just brings the question to mind when will I have the surgery? hopefully everything will be answered next Tuesday when I get my braces put on so im keeping my fingers crossed. To be honest I am not crazy about the idea of me having braces again but then again who would be haha, I just keep telling my self its just an important step on the road to me getting my multiple surgeries. I know this post is a little short but I promise more will come now that things are starting to happen, plus picture before and after things happen 🙂

  1. Christine james says:

    sooooooo happy for you little brother~!!!! You and your neice might have braces at the same time hahahaha- I will be there with my blender after the surgery.

  2. Uncle Robert says:

    It’s a start Evan. Your finally on your way and I’m very happy for you.

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