Some progress

Posted: January 17, 2012 by evang4299 in braces, Evan's Posts, jaw surgery

So I know it has been an extremely long time sense Genna or my self have posted anything. Sadly to say there hasn’t been much we can post about since the insurance company and doctors haven’t told us much lately >.<. Basically what has been happening is my doctors have been trying to get the insurance company to pay for my braces problem is that braces are considered cosmetic and most insurance companies wont pay for them because of that but the argument my doctors are making is that I need the braces in order to have the jaw surgery which is considered necessary. I cant have the jaw surgery with out having the braces first, one because I need my teeth moved into the correct places for when they do move my jaw forward and secondly so when I do have the surgery the braces hold my jaw and everything in place. So basically as of now my mothers insurance company will not pay for the braces but how ever they will pay for the actual jaw surgery it self so that is kind of a good thing, but now we have to go to my fathers insurance company and see if they will pay for my braces instead. I honestly just want an answer either yes or no at this point so it isn’t dragged on any longer and i can finally start everything because at the rate we are going I will never get this done. The problem is that I need to be a full time student in order to be covered under my parents insurance and also I don’t exactly wanna get the surgery when I am trying to join a police department or going through the police academy because of the recovery period needed after the surgery. This is just delaying/putting parts of my life on hold and it is very frustrating, stressful and upsetting :/.


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