Waiting even LONGER!!!

Posted: October 26, 2011 by evang4299 in Uncategorized

So today I was originally going into the city to get spacers put on for my braces that I was getting on Monday (Halloween). Now I say “was” and “originally” because the insurance company has yet to approve everything that I am going to do, SO I had to cancel both today’s appointment and Mondays appointment till the insurance company gives me the OK. Everything that I need to have done before, after and including the surgery just from an orthodontic stand point of view is quite pricy so I have to wait for the insurance company to approve of it all. If I start things before the insurance company approves things then they will basically say that well you already started so we cant approve anything. So until they approve of it I basically have to sit here waiting until they give me the OK.

To be honest I am actually quite upset and angry that I wont be getting my braces on this Monday (who ever thought that I would say that sentence), waiting for the insurance company to approve of everything is delaying things and the longer they take the longer it will be for me to get my braces and surgery. I really just want to get everything started and now I cant even do that because I have to wait for an OK from someone who doesn’t even know me or why I want this done, I’m sure to them all I am is just a name on a paper to them. So cross your fingers and hope that I get the go ahead with in the next few days or weeks because I don’t want this to be the reason that I wont be able to have my surgery over the summer like I want :(.

  1. Ashley says:

    You’re so lucky to have Genna by your side through all of this, is helps a lot….did I mention how great she sounds? The beginning was so difficult for me, accepting I had this medical issue, and then to hear I would have braces again!? I said “no” and developed it into saying “there is no way I’m getting braces!” And here I am….post surgery,complete with beautiful braces. Yes,it’s difficult but with wonderful people around you, you will do fine! The whole process is going to make you stronger, no doubt. There is NO way a person doesn’t “change” after this, and not only is the change positive but, you get to improve your facial structure too! lucky!
    p.s Genna,if your reading this, I’m very happy to answer questions for you too!

    • evang4299 says:

      Hey Ashley, thank you for reading my posts and commenting on it! I have started to read your blog also and I have to say it is nice to know someone else is going/gone through some of the same things I have. I have to admit i wasn’t happy at all with the idea of getting braces at all, sense i had them from 3rd grade to senior year of high school and now I have to get them again >.< haha. Also yes i am a very lucky guy to have Genna be there for me through all of this, she is quite amazing 🙂 . I hope you are doing well after the surgery.

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