Last meal

Posted: October 16, 2011 by evang4299 in Evan's Posts

So sense I am going to be unable to eat solid food for while after my surgery I decided to come up with/start a list of food that I would like to have/try before and after I have my surgery. Another reason I am starting this list is because my lovely girl friend Genna has decided to take all my favorite foods and blend them to feed me while I cant chew. Just imagine fries and a cheese burger all blended up, mmmmm sounds so good ahaha or what about pizza. I am sure I will love the time while I wont be able to chew! >.< not ahaha. So sense it will take me about two months for me to feel semi normal again after the surgery (not even counting the other surgeries that I will be having) I have decided to come up with this list, which I’m sure I will be adding to until the day before my surgery. Feel free to comment on this post and give me some ideas to add to the list. I also apologize now to my girl friend Genna and my family because I already know I am going be a pain in the butt while I’m in the hospital and recovering for the two months but ill do my best not to be a pain ahaha. Reason behind me thinking I will be a pain is thatĀ  I hate it when my mouth is numb or when it is swollen or feels odd. You know how some people have that one thing they hate feeling, whether that’s pins and needles in their feet or arms or hitting there funny bone or getting shots, well mine is having anything to do with my mouth and if you don’t know what I’m talking about then never mind ahahah. Yes I know its kinda odd and ironic that the surgery is for my mouth even though that I hate the numb, swollen and odd feeling (but then again who doesn’t? ahah) but its all worth it in the end :). So now that I have gotten a little off subject back to my list of food that I want to have before and after my surgery!

Not in order

  1. fajitas
  2. spaghetti
  3. cheese burger and fries
  4. chips and dip (Mexican dip especially)
  5. cheese nachos
  6. steak and baked potato
  7. clam chowder soup (although I may be able to have that even after the surgery on a good day)
  8. ravioli
  9. MY GRANDMAS TORTILLAS!!! (its not really a tortilla its basically an omelet but Spanish style SOOO GOOOOOOOD!! with grape jelly of course)
  10. rice (pork fried rice also)
  11. chicken lo mein
  12. boneless spare ribs
  13. BBQ wing
  14. pizza
  15. subs (any type really)
  16. broccoli and cheese soup
  17. hot dogs

I know the list is kind of short at the moment but I cant think of any more but like I said I am sure I will be adding to this list as we get closer to the surgery. Comment and give me your suggestions :).

  1. sonja says:

    You do know that the broccolii and cheese soup will be a possibility after surgery. As with the clam. For a day or two you won’t want anything. Then a couple days after that, these will be good choices. Somehow, I think you will find a way to eat. But the hospital time will be interesting!
    We promise to come and chuckle – I mean visit.

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