Evan’s first post!

Posted: October 12, 2011 by evang4299 in Evan's Posts

Where do I begin, I have never done a blog before so bear with me cause I’m sure I will have spelling and grammatical errors. To be honest I don’t know where to start, there is just so much I want to say but I don’t in what order I should say it let alone how to word it all. I guess I will start off by thanking my amazing girlfriend Genna for coming up with the idea to do this blog. She has been extremely supportive through everything that I have been going through, is always there for me to talk to, calm me down when I was freaking out about things and always makes me smile. She has come with me to all my appointments in the city and has been with me every step of the way. I cant express how much that meant to me knowing that she was right there next to me holding my hand as the surgeon described what surgeries I would need and what exactly they would do in those surgeries, that and when I had my consultation to show me what I would look like after the first surgery (the one were they cut/break and move my upper jaw). She is truly amazing and I love her, well now that I’m done being mushy gushy i guess i should start to talk about all the things i have been through to get me/us to this point.

So for those of you who know or for those of you who don’t know, I was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate and had to have surgery as a new born to correct this. I also had braces sense the third grade all the way to my senior year in high school (O so much fun… NOT). I have also had to have several teeth removed when i was younger because there simply wasn’t enough room in my top jaw for all my adult teeth (oddly enough I still have one baby tooth haha). When I was about 16 years old or so my parents took me to see the surgeon who originally did my surgery when I was a child, his name is doctor Cutting ( how comforting is that, a surgeon whose name has to do with his profession >.<). Anyways so when I was 16 years old I met with doctor Cutting to for the first time (that I can remember that is) and this is when he brought up the idea of doing the first surgery for the first time except he originally said that they wanted to move my lower jaw back and not my top jaw forward. I have to say when I first heard the idea I wanted nothing to do with it. The idea of changing my face and “who I was” sounded almost like an insult to me in some way. All my life i was taught that nothing was wrong with me (which nothing is if you don’t account for me being weird and I’m sure seeming crazy at times to some people) but i hope you catch what I mean. I didn’t look the norm and every though I knew this as i got older I became ok with how I looked and when needed developed defense mechanisms like making jokes and such to make it so I wouldn’t be bothered by when people looked at me for an extended period of time or made fun of how I looked. Most of the time I was always the odd one out and the one being picked on by the “cool kids”. I will admit it bothered me, always being picked on and I did ask my self from time to time why me? why was I born this way? but like I said I eventually became ok with how I looked. But to get back on topic, at the age of 16 I refused to do the surgery that would alter my face and correct my under bite (or lack there of my over bite haha).  Well a few months ago, sometime during the summer or before then (I cant remember to be honest) I decided to look back into the idea of correcting my under bite and my upper lip. Why? even though when I was younger and dead set against it I didn’t wanna rule it out and it would be better to do it now then later on in my life. I will admit before my first appointment with doctor Cutting I was still dead set against the idea, and also a part of me was freaking out, which I know must have driven genna crazy to some point (which im sorry about sweets, LOVE YOU 🙂 haha). So after going to the first appointment it turns out now he wants to move my upper jaw instead of my lower, which I will say seemed like he threw me a curve ball when he told be that because it wasn’t what he said from last time. He also told me about the other two surgeries that he suggested which are to correct my upper lip and my nose ( cause at times I cant really breath through one nostril ahaha). When he mentioned the two other surgeries I was taken by surprise because i had originally thought it would only be one that i would be going through. Anyways after a few more consultations from doctor Cutting, Gracen and atleast 2-3 other doctors whose names I cant remember I decided that I wanted to go through with all the surgeries.

I am excited, happy, nervous and part of me is a little scared to be honest. I get braces on Halloween (go figure I not knowingly schedule the day I start to change the way I look is on Halloween ahaha) and hopefully this coming summer I will be undergoing the first surgery which will keep me in the hospital for at least a week and after that up to 2 months of recovery just to be back to a normal functioning jaw/bite, so I’m sure that will be an extremely fun time for me! nothing like eating food through a straw or having a cheese burger and fries in milk shake form as my girlfriend Genna tells me she is going to make me during that time ahah. Well I don’t want to overload my first blog post (which im sure I already did) so ill try and wrap this up so those of you who do end up reading this blog will continue to come back and read it. I’m happy that Genna came up with the idea for this blog so that we can both write about what is going on and how we feel about everything. I’m sure I will be posting a lot more because I already have more I want to say. So I hope I didn’t bore anyone to death with me rambling on with all the things me and Genna have been going through and I hope that everyone keeps coming back to read our posts (just wait till the fun stuff starts to happen, this is just the beginning).


  1. Christine says:

    Evan you amaze me-as your older sisiter I always wanted to protect you and keep you safe (if you remember I even offered to go meet some of those “cool Kids” in a dark ally somewhere. You are brave and I commend you for doing this. We love you the way you are but want you to be happy. We will be with you always!!!

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