Genna’s First Post!

Posted: October 11, 2011 by gennipenni in Genna's Posts
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So as a first time blogger I have to say I’m at a loss for words! So much has happened in the past couple of months that it is hard to figure out a place to start. I’m kicking myself for not beginning sooner. To start from the beginning, I’d probably have to explain what is going on. Evan (my boyfriend of almost two years… just in case you are a newcomer!) is having surgery. Not the “oh I broke my arm I need surgery” type of surgery, completely elective facial reconstructive surgery. This will involve multiple steps to getting to where he wants. The surgery is specifically called the Le Fort procedure where they break the top jaw, moving it forward to match his bottom jaw. This will (hopefully!) correct his under-bite so he can finally chew that spaghetti ;] Of course there are braces for a year (hopefully less) before that, braces a year after and two other surgeries to be done… but this is just the first post so that’s a wholeeee separate topic.

We’ve been back and forth to NewYorkCity about five times now, and as much as I enjoy our monthly trips they are certainly taking a toll. The consultations with the orthodontist, prosthodontist, oral surgeon etc all require trips to NYU medical center.  The up side? Brittany lives in the city:] and so does a HUGE forevertwentyone!! Evan better watch his money while he’s in surgery because I am totally going to go shopping while he’s knocked up on painkillers! On a more serious note: each time we go into NY, we are getting closer and closer to starting the process… no more consultations, this is it. On Halloween (2011), Evan, the 21-year-old will be returning to braces (muhahah.) We are hoping to pick Halloween appropriate colors….. hahah. Again, serious note: it is starting, and much sooner than any of us expected. The surgery date hasn’t been set but we are hoping for this upcoming summer. SOON.

I feel like there is so much more I want to say, but in interest of keeping everyone reading I’ll keep it short. I’m excited, nervous, scared and happy, and I’m not even the one getting the surgery. That’s why I feel this blog is so important to the both of us. It is a place where we can both write about what’s going on, so you lucky readers will get the blog  and surgery experience from Evan’s point of view and from mine, just the girlfriend. I hope it is as wild a ride for you as it will be for us!!




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